Promesh 1207 Floor ProtectionWhen it comes to protecting floors there can be a number of issues and these can be wide and varying and this is primarily because types of flooring can be equally as wide and varying. Trying to find a versatile and all round, effective floor protection that can be used equally for timber, vinyl or stone can be a struggle.
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Bubble WrapProtect building foundations from frost, snow and ice.

Previous Protec blogs have already covered winter weather and snow but only in general detail, in light of increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow.

“Know your enemy” is perhaps a little strong when assessing the impact of snow on your construction site but is none the less a valid point. Snow, unlike rain, sleet or hail is an insidious type of weather that can sneak in over night and completely disrupt works on site through its depth and frequency, extra work is required to dig the site clear and man hours are consequently lost. Snow, aided by the wind, is also a nuisance in the way that it can be blown in through openings, melts through the subsequent thaw and then you potentially have the risk of water damage to finished floors.
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Heavy Duty 5mm ProplexWe love working with schools and colleges, they provide the most interesting and diverse challenges that require our temporary protection products.

Our latest commission has been from Macclesfield College, where we have been asked to help protect their sports hall floor – made from finished wood – from summer events and activities.
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We’re delighted with this incredible feedback we’ve received from a homeowner doing extensive refurbishment in her home. So often our products can be used for private domestic use as well as large commercial use, and we’re thrilled to see them put to such good use!

Take a look at the bottom of the page for a photo of our Promesh 1207 Flame Retardant floor protection in action. And we definitely approve of the wall painting!

Here is the testimonial we’ve received:

During our self build project we used the stone sill protector which was easy to cut to size to install and did a brilliant job of protecting the sills, which otherwise would have suffered from falling cement and potential damage from falling building materials.

During installation of the interior fittings and decoration we also used the Promesh 1207 and Protec flooring protector for our porcelain tiles and timber floors. Both were easy to install and were supplied in manageable roll sizes, overlapping and taping meant that we were not afraid of any hazards of tripping over or slipping and it was easy to roll up and take away from site when the project was compete.

The floor protection was excellent in that paint or water spills did not pass through to the floor finish below. It was also useful if we needed to just cover a small area of a room temporarily when we needed to do some of the final jobs.

The technical team also gave good advice on the products from the range that would be suitable for our needs.

We’re delighted to have been asked to supply either our HD Promesh or Barrier Sheeting for a very special art project.

Junya Ishigami, the talented Japanese architect, has been developing a new exhibit called Architecture as Air at the Barbican Art Gallery in London. He has asked for our help in supplying floor protection for his amazing work of art.

To find out why our Promesh Floor Protection or our Barrier Floor Sheeting products are so versatile, visit their respective pages.