Protec Polythene, Keep your site covered with our Plastic Sheeting

Whether it is lining a pond, covering building materials, lining a shed or screening off a specfic area the range of Polythene offered by Protec will satisfy the requirements of the majority of temporary screening and covering applications with a versatile range of polythene suited to numerous scenarios. When reviewing the Protec Polythene it may be useful to divide them into Flame Retardant and Non Flame Retardant in order to assess the viability of the different product offerings. After all, each product is different and has properties that lend themselves better to certain applications than others.

Amongst the Flame Retardant Polythene there is a Light (260 gauge), Medium (308 gauge) and Heavy (800 gauge) Duty grade all of which are certificated to LPS1207 and therefore fully flame retardant. As a consequence of their flame retardant properties this polythene is white in colour which is favoured in applications where screening areas wants to obscure visibility. The three thickness of this FR Polythene in the three grades in large format 4m rolls ensures that large areas can be covered or screened quickly and effectively provided a barrier to reflect the environment it is being used in. Continue reading

How to line your pond with Protec 1000 Guage Polythene

We have recently had requirements of our polythene for lining a garden pond. Our 1000 Gauge Polythene Sheeting is perfect for the job so here we have a quick guide on how to line your beautiful new pond.

Step One – Calculate how much liner/polythene sheeting you need

You need to determine how much polythene sheeting you will require for your pond, including the length, width and depth. Once you have these measurements, add a foot on both in length and width to ensure that it will not be too short, you can then purchase your polythene sheeting Continue reading

Flame Retardant Door SleevesThe doors and doorways on construction sites may be considered to be one of the most at risk areas of damage on a construction site after the floors. Doorways and doors are potentially at risk from site traffic passing in and out of them all day for the duration of a project and it is for this reason that Protec have developed and can supply a combination of protection products to firstly raise awareness and secondly cushion any impact that may be encountered.
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Bubble WrapPrevious Protec blogs have already covered winter weather and snow but only in general detail, in light of increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow.

“Know you enemy” is perhaps a little strong when assessing the impact of snow on your construction site but is none the less a valid point. Snow, unlike rain, sleet or hail is an insidious type of weather that can sneak in over night and completely disrupt works on site through its depth and frequency, extra work is required to dig the site clear and man hours are consequently lost. Snow, aided by the wind, is also a nuisance in the way that it can be blown in through openings, melts through the subsequent thaw and then you potentially have the risk of water damage to finished floors.
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Polythene slide

Have you ever slipped down a long water-covered polythene sheet (also called a “slippery slide!”)? Our Polythene 1000 Gauge works great as a slide!

You would be amazed at how many people call us looking to buy polythene to make an outdoor slide! Let the good times commence!

The channel 5 programme ‘The Gadget Show’ even contacted us in 2010 for a similar application.

Protec CSIWe recently had some interest in our polythene range of products for the use of forensic investigations.

We supply our screening materials extensively for the medical sector but this is the first time we have been approached for the use of our materials in the forensic field.

Wherever investigative work needs to be done, there will always be potential dangers – wet floors, areas where dust may travel and in fact sensitive areas only accessible for dedicated staff, for instance. It’s up to you to ensure these areas are clearly highlighted. And there’s no faster, easier way to do that than with the ZipWall Caution Tape Reel™.

The ZipWall poles and fixing clips provide convenient, easily positioned location points for the caution tape, removing any need for fastening to other structures. As an additional service, we can also supply custom-printed caution tape bearing your corporate brand or a specific safety message.

It would be a crime not to safeguard areas with sensitive access – so why not speak to our highly experienced technical team on 0800 834 704 to find out how Zipwall Caution Tape Reel can help on your project.

Cage Warriors Ltd have purchased temporary protection material for use in staging their upcoming event. The CWFC 42 is a LIVE televised event from the Neptune Stadium Cork City on May 28th which will be watched by a 1,500 strong audience and broadcast worldwide via the Sky Network.

A heavy duty 1,000 gauge Black polythene was supplied to block out day light from the sky lights in the venue thus enhancing the atmosphere and preventing daylight from entering the arena area.