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Floor Protection During Move

15 Oct , 2013  

Plastic Floor Protection vs. Dust Sheets Read Part 1: New Home Part 1 – Redecorating During the redecorating process it has become apparent that plastic floor protection in the form of Protec Proplex, Promesh, Barrier sheeting and Carpetshield are all highly superior to cotton Dust Sheets or bits of old curtain and carpets. In one […]

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New Home Part 1 – Home Improvement Protection

11 Oct , 2013  

Home Improvement Protection Following on from Matt’s move earlier this month a need arose to protect his new home whilst redecorating works get underway. The works involve wall paper stripping, plastering three rooms, some drilling and ultimately repainting and decorating. Whilst much of the house doesn’t require decorating the work in the rooms that do […]

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Considerate Builders Are Using TrapMats

17 Aug , 2012  

About Protec’s TrapMats. It is often said that “your home is your castle”. Whenever a homeowner decides to carry out any work on their home, whether it is an extension, a new conservatory, or more simple refurbishments like a new fireplace the impact of that work on the home is a big factor, particularly as […]

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Protect Stairs, Carpets, Floors And Doors

26 Apr , 2012  

Stair Protection. Stair Banister rails. Handrails and balustrades are also some of the most often damaged points of the home when a house move is underway! Carrying furniture downstairs can be very tricky and one slip or drop can mean it will put a huge dent in your handrail or balustrade. Simple foam handrail protection […]

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How To Protect Your Carpets With Our Carpet Protection

5 Apr , 2012  

How to protect your carpets with Protec Carpet Protector Whether you’re having a party, decorating, renovating or have messy pets,  carpets can be expensive to clean and even more expensive to replace so here is a video on how to protect your carpets with Protec’s Carpet Protector. Tweet

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Floor Protection

Protect Your Floors During Renovation

13 Mar , 2012  

It is often said that “your home is your castle”. Every homeowner can attest to this belief, but when your castle is being remodeled, it can feel like your beloved kingdom is under attack. Walls suddenly disappear, strange people making loud noises and your sacred room becomes unrecognizable as it just disappeared. A plumber calls for the fourth time to say he can’t make it and your contractor casually informs you that you’re £2,000 over budget.

Ensuring your home is protected during builds is vital and can prevent missed deadlines and over-spend on budgets

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5 Useful Products to consider when moving house

13 Oct , 2011  

  Handrail and Balustrade protector, to prevent damage to staircase balustrades and newels from furniture in transit as these are particularly sensitive areas of any property Self adhesive carpet and or Hard surface protector, to preserve floor coverings on the ground floor, stairs and first floor when moving furniture out of one property and into […]

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Moving House – A variation use of Protec White Low Tack Tape

12 Sep , 2011  

One of the more frustrating aspects of moving house can be the process can be dismantling and moving flat pack furniture. The whole process of trying to remember how it went together, what secures what and where you put that special size Alan Key four years ago after you built it?!

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