Fire on construction site

Working in the Construction or Building industry, you may have heard of the “Joint Code of Practice” but may not be 100% sure what it is and how it may impact your procurement strategy. You may not be aware that by ensuring you procure LPCB approved products may benefit your organisation and help to save thousands and even millions of pounds. This article aims to explain exactly what the Joint Code of Practice is, how you could benefit and where to find Joint Code of Practice approved products.
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surface protection

Surface Protection With CushionGard

Our Flame Retardant Heavy Duty CushionGard have long been a favourite for protection of curtainwalling and windows.

The lightweight material is much easier and less labour intensive to handle than other rigid protective boards and the large 1.5m x 100m rolls allow for large areas to be protected without the need of cutting, jointing.

Its flexibility makes it easy to use on doors, columns, staircases, balustrades but also on larger commercial projects for applications such as protection of escalators, lifts, mullions and furniture.

Cushiongard FR is fully certified to the LPS1207 making it an ideal product to use for commercial applications.


Carpetshield Flame Retardant

  1. Carpetshield FR is Flame Retardant to LPS1207 Certificate number 894a/01.
  2. It is Self adhesive, so no need for taping around the edges as it is sticky already.
  3. It’s specifically designed with an embossed anti-slip surface, which is safer in use than flat film alternatives.
  4. Protec supplies Carpetshield in 2 widths, options available for narrow corridors/staircases and also larger areas.
  5. Carpetshield FR is reverse wound, with the adhesive on the outside of the roll, which means it is easier to install.

Custom Printed Building Wraps

We have been asked to supply a full range of custom-printed Flame Retardant materials to an International Main Contractor based in Muscat (Oman) for a selection of their upcoming prestigious projects.

One important thing which needs to be considered when selecting materials, is whether they are flame retardant and conform to the Joint Code of Practice. All of our Flame Retardant products are certified to LPS 1207 or LPS 1215 standards, which will always bear these marks:


  • LPCB Approved to LPS 1207
    Cert.No 364a/01

  • LPCB Approved to LPS 1215
    Cert.No 495b/01

To read more about our Flame Retardant Certification, please click this link.