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Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

24 Mar , 2015  

Fire on construction sites

The Use of LPS 1207 and LPS 1215 Flame Retardant Temporary Protection Materials on Construction Sites     Protec International Ltd is proud to have been invited to attend and exhibit at BRE Global Ltd’s event on managing the risk of construction site fires of scaffolding cladding and internal protective covering materials in Watford to […]

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Guide to Construction Site Safety

14 Jan , 2015  

BIM Construction Targets Use recyclable, reusable products

Temporary Protection Materials Contribution of Construction Site Safety The progression of Health & Safety practices in recent years has seen a huge reduction in the number of accidents and mortalities on construction sites. Through increased awareness and improved working practices, the standard of health and safety has improved across most aspects of construction work in […]

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Flame Retardant Carpet Protection

8 Oct , 2012  

About Protec’s Temporary Flame Retardant Carpet Protection. Protec International Stock a wide range of floor protection materials for use on site (commercial, industrial or residential) or at home. We have all forms of floor covered whether its hard wood, vinyl, ceramic, carpets etc. Whith large commercial, industrial or housing builds, for insurance purposes, fire retardancy is […]

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Door Protection through Awareness and Impact Resistance

30 Jan , 2012  

The doors and doorways on construction sites may be considered to be one of the most at risk areas of damage on a construction site after the floors. Doorways and doors are potentially at risk from site traffic passing in and out of them all day for the duration of a project and it is […]

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Flame Retardant Products

What is the Joint Code of Practice and how does it relate to Temporary Protection Materials?

6 Nov , 2011  

Working in the Construction or Building industry, you may have heard of the “Joint Code of Practice” but may not be 100% sure what it is and how it may impact your procurement strategy. You may not be aware that by ensuring you procure LPCB approved products may benefit your organisation and help to save […]

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Cushiongard FR – perfect surface protection for those awkward areas

23 Oct , 2011  

Surface Protection With CushionGard Our Flame Retardant Heavy Duty CushionGard have long been a favourite for protection of curtainwalling and windows. The lightweight material is much easier and less labour intensive to handle than other rigid protective boards and the large 1.5m x 100m rolls allow for large areas to be protected without the need […]

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5 reasons to choose Carpetshield FR to protect your new carpet

10 Oct , 2011  

Carpetshield FR is Flame Retardant to LPS1207 Certificate number 894a/01. It is Self adhesive, so no need for taping around the edges as it is sticky already. It’s specifically designed with an embossed anti-slip surface, which is safer in use than flat film alternatives. Protec supplies Carpetshield in 2 widths, options available for narrow corridors/staircases and […]

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Did you know the difference between ‘Flame Retardant’ and ‘Flame Retardant – Certified to LPS1207/LPS1215′?

6 Sep , 2011  

With the largest range of LPS1207 and LSP1215 certified flame retardant materials you can ensure that materials used for temporary protection on your project comply with the required standard and are certified to the LPS Standard. Why is this compliance important?

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Concrete Column Protection Needed during Transport? Or in Situ?

31 Aug , 2011  

Concrete columns can be very difficult and time-consuming to transport, and often require very specialised arrangements to protect both the column and the vehicle used to transport them. We were asked to help solve this problem with one of our temporary protection materials, and after some research we found that CushionGard FR is the ideal […]

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Protec temporary protection products used for complete home refurbishment

25 Jul , 2011  

We’re delighted with this incredible feedback we’ve received from a homeowner doing extensive refurbishment in her home. So often our products can be used for private domestic use as well as large commercial use, and we’re thrilled to see them put to such good use! Take a look at the bottom of the page for […]

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