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DIY Projects & the Use of Temporary Protection

26 Apr , 2014  

DIY Projects

Guide To Using Temporary Protection for DIY Projects In recent years the scale of DIY projects has increased on every level from small projects in the home to larger self build initiatives and whilst the complexity of projects has changed with more advanced tools, materials and working practices many house holders are now following the […]

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Protec Lead by Example When it Comes to Recycling

7 Aug , 2013  

At Protec we try to care for the environment as much as we do for our customers. For some time we haven taken matters of environmental protection, consideration to sustainable sources, and overall impact of our company quite seriously. One of the simplest ways we – and any company – can take the same considerations […]

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Door Protection

Avoid Replacing a Door Frame With Protec’s Door Frame Protection Tips

24 May , 2012  

Door Frame Protection From Protec. Door Edge Protectors save time and money from accidental damage.  Protec offer a range of Foam Door Jambs to protect frames from accidental knocks and scratches. Protec’s door frame protectors also have high impact resistance. Protec’s Door Jambs are a 2m one-size fits all product which are simply wrapped around the frame and cling […]

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Bathroom Protection

New Bath and Shower Protection in all Shapes and Sizes

27 Apr , 2012  

Bidet, Shower and Bath Protectors with Proplex, a New Bathroom Protection Range. Preformed Proplex is designed to cover various bathroom fittings and save hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of potential damage to your bathroom. It is easy install and provides great protection when you are fitting, re-decorating or refurbishing your bathroom. Bathroom: Sink, Bidet […]

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Door Protection through Awareness and Impact Resistance

30 Jan , 2012  

The doors and doorways on construction sites may be considered to be one of the most at risk areas of damage on a construction site after the floors. Doorways and doors are potentially at risk from site traffic passing in and out of them all day for the duration of a project and it is […]

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Innovative application from the East

15 Dec , 2011  

We recently received an enquiry from a customer wanting 3mm standard Proplex sheets to use in the manufacture of Japanese sliding doors. Shoji doors, as they are properly called, are the latest fashion for internal partitioning giving your apartment an oriental flavor.