Last week Protec attended the Toolfair exhibition at Coventry Ricoh Arena.

We were showing off our new door-way dust seal, ZipDoor. With lots of tradesman varying from builders and electricians to joiners everyone was pleased to see a very quick and cost effective solution to limiting dust travelling around a house when carrying out any messy work. Usually this is a problem point that is resolved by using dust sheets and tapes however this is never as simple as it sounds with dust sheets often being heavy and falling down and not to mention getting very dirty with continual use. All of this is a clear indication of the benefits of ZipDoor but the overiding factor that brought people to purchase the product was its professional look when using it in a residential/domestic setting. Whereas a dust sheet can look unprofessional and messy people loved how ZipDoor looked when used and clearly saw how their clients would appreciate it being brought along to a job. Within an industry when so much business is based upon reputation and referrals ZipDoor is a perfect addition to any tradesmans arsenal of tools.

Visit the product page here and give one a try, we know you won’t be dissapointed.

DoorFrame Protection

Doorframes are not the first and obvious points on a build that require protection from accidental damage. Despite this, the very nature of the doorway being an access point means it is very common that a workman may cause accidental damage while carrying tools or equipment to other areas of the site.  Protec offer Foam Door Jambs to protect frames from accidental knocks and scrtatches with is high impact resistance. Protec’s Door Jambs are a 2m one-size fits all product which are simply wrapped around the frame and cling to it without need for additional fixings such tape or ties.

So next time you are on a job and are worried about damage or replacing doorframes then look no further than Protec’s Door Jamb Protector.

Flame Retardant Door SleevesThe doors and doorways on construction sites may be considered to be one of the most at risk areas of damage on a construction site after the floors. Doorways and doors are potentially at risk from site traffic passing in and out of them all day for the duration of a project and it is for this reason that Protec have developed and can supply a combination of protection products to firstly raise awareness and secondly cushion any impact that may be encountered.
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Proplex 2mm (Door Size)Protecting doors from damage can be a time consuming activity that often falls short of the total protection required to ensure that damage is prevented. Many different types of material have been suggested for use in protecting doors such as bubble wrap, corrugated card and cotton dust sheets which whilst effective to a point often obstruct work around the doors due to poor fitting of the protection. At Protec we have numerous protection materials designed specifically for use in door protection and by using them together a total door protection solution is provided.
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ZipWall ZipDoorsDid you know that you can completely eliminate dust and dirt in Dust Sensitive areas such as food production, healthcare or hospitals by shaping the Heavy Duty Zipdoors to a J shape doorway?

Shaping the doorway in this manner is also suitable for sites where excessive dirt/dust is travelled through foot traffic to ensure the Doorways remain operational for prolonged periods of time and don’t pick up debris.

Enclosed is our step by step instructions to a more effective dust free environment on your site.


Cut one side of the material


Then cut the other side


Install the material onto the fabric


Zipper installed