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Guide to Hanger Pins for Protecting Curtain Walling

26 Jun , 2013   Gallery

Protect Curtain Walling with Hanger Pins For Window, Glazing or Curtain Walling Contractors who use Temporary Protection on their projects, fixing the protection in place can often be problematic and timely. The usual go-to solution would be to use a low tack tape to fix into place which is an extra cost on the required tape […]


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Insulating a metal shed? Protec have the surface protection solution

21 Nov , 2011  

Insulating Shed Surface Solution. Recently we were contacted by a member of the public who had an issue with condensation inside his newly purchased Metal Shed. The thing took 4 days to build!! It was completed only for the owner to discover condensation occurring inside. A cost effective way of insulating the inside of the […]

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Using CushionGard Surface Protection in the Garden

15 Nov , 2011  

Last year I used Cushiongard to line the walls of my greenhouse and garden shed providing that extra insulating layer needed to keep temperatures several degrees over the outside frosts. Whilst ordinary bubblewrap may be useful for taking the edge off the spring frosts, unlike Cushiongard, it would provide little or no protection once temperatures […]

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Cushiongard FR – perfect surface protection for those awkward areas

23 Oct , 2011  

Surface Protection With CushionGard Our Flame Retardant Heavy Duty CushionGard have long been a favourite for protection of curtainwalling and windows. The lightweight material is much easier and less labour intensive to handle than other rigid protective boards and the large 1.5m x 100m rolls allow for large areas to be protected without the need […]

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Concrete Column Protection Needed during Transport? Or in Situ?

31 Aug , 2011  

Concrete columns can be very difficult and time-consuming to transport, and often require very specialised arrangements to protect both the column and the vehicle used to transport them. We were asked to help solve this problem with one of our temporary protection materials, and after some research we found that CushionGard FR is the ideal […]

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