Carpet ProtectorCarpet Protection Film for Painting

When it comes to protecting your carpets during redecoration, our  carpet protector is the ideal choice. It is both lightweight and able to protect against heavy foot traffic and damage.

Our unique Carpet Protection Film has been created with a low-tack adhesive, meaning it can be applied easily onto carpets and then removed without leaving any residue.

The Carpet Protection Film is available in 4 sizes:

  • Standard (600mm x 100m)
  • Standard (800mm x 25m)
  • Wide (800mm x 100m)
  • Extra Wide (1200mm x 100m)

Simon from Urmston contacted us about using our Carpet Protection Film when redecorating some offices, he used our Carpet Protection Film to protect the existing carpets. After the job was completed, he gave us this quote:

We used this product whilst carrying out works in occupied offices. It stuck down to the carpet well, but more importantly came up well leaving no residue and nice clean carpets.

Floor ProtectorParty Carpet Protector

If you’re having a house party then we have a range of products which can help protect your home and belongings from accidents.

One of the main concerns for protecting your home is protecting carpets. They can be easily damaged by dirty shoes and food or drink spillage, often leading to irreparable damage depending on the carpet. You can avoid this by using our Floor Protector.
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Carpet ProtectorsWhy Use Protec’s Sticky Carpet Protector.

Buying new carpets can be an expensive job, especially if they are new and have been damaged by construction or refurbishment work. One way to protect them is with carpet protectors.

Let us introduce Protec’s Carpet Protectors.

Our unique Carpet Protectors are made of a low tack self-adhesive film, allowing it to be applied very easily and removed without leaving any residue. They are lightweight, reverse-wound in manageable rolls and are easy to deploy by kicking them across the floor.
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Polythene SheetingWe’re often asked whether polythene sheeting is a suitable method of carpet protection. When we’re talking about our Tekgard TK200 Polythene Sheeting, it most definitely is.

Tekgard TK200 Polythene Sheeting creates a waterproof barrier to protect floors and carpeted surfaces from dirt, debris and spillages during construction, decorating and building projects.
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Protec’s Adhesive Carpet Protector film prevents damage

Carpet protection is an often difficult and costly part of refurbishment or construction, sometimes requiring expensive clean-ups should damage occur. It’s a problem that is ever-present towards the end of construction builds and in house refurbishments, but here at Protec we’ve spent a lot of time and effort finding the best carpet protection solutions.

Our Carpet Protector is a self-adhesive carpet protection film which covers your carpets and prevents dirt, debris, spillages, and damage from heavy foot traffic.
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If you need to protect your carpet from dirt and debris during construction or home renovation, then you need Protec’s Carpet Protector.

Our Carpet Protector is a lightweight, self-adhesive protection film which gives cost-effective carpet protection in environments where carpets are under threat from dirt, debris, dust, or other contamination from construction and work sites.
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Floor CoveringTemporary floor covering solutions

Our Carpet Protector has a proven track record as an excellent floor covering for protecting carpets against all kinds of damage. The floor covering is a lightweight self-adhesive film, made with low-tack adhesive for easy-to-apply use, and making sure it can be removed without leaving any residue behind.
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ProplexSo you’ve spent a lot of time and money to get you home just right, clean and tidy with floors walls and finishings of a high standard that makes you proud. The recently laid new floor and custom made carpet are your pride and joy but you now face a dilemma with the Christmas party season upon us in the desire entertain friends and family versus your pride in your house and fear of damage to your floors.

Protec have spent many years developing our floor protection range to suit a multitude of applications including protecting floors in occupied homes during parties (at Christmas or otherwise). By using Protec floor protection you can guarantee that accidental spills and breakages are contained with the additional benefit of speeding up the cleaning process when it comes to rolling up the protection the next day.
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Carpetshield Flame Retardant

  1. Carpetshield FR is Flame Retardant to LPS1207 Certificate number 894a/01.
  2. It is Self adhesive, so no need for taping around the edges as it is sticky already.
  3. It’s specifically designed with an embossed anti-slip surface, which is safer in use than flat film alternatives.
  4. Protec supplies Carpetshield in 2 widths, options available for narrow corridors/staircases and also larger areas.
  5. Carpetshield FR is reverse wound, with the adhesive on the outside of the roll, which means it is easier to install.