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How to Protect Carpets when Redecorating

21 Jan , 2012  

We’re often asked “How do I protect carpets during redecoration?” There are many dangers of redecorating with a carpet fitted, including spilled paint, scuff marks and tears from moving furniture, heavy foot traffic grinding dirt into it, and so on. Traditionally, short of removing the carpet, many people turn to their old dust sheets stashed […]

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Carpet protection film

The Ultimate Paint Protection Film

20 Jan , 2012  

Carpet Protection Film for Painting When it comes to protecting your carpets during redecoration, our  carpet protector is the ideal choice. It is both lightweight and able to protect against heavy foot traffic and damage. Our unique Carpet Protection Film has been created with a low-tack adhesive, meaning it can be applied easily onto carpets and […]

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Carpet Protection, Products

The Best Party Proof Carpet Protector

19 Jan , 2012  

Party Carpet Protector If you’re having a house party then we have a range of products which can help protect your home and belongings from accidents. One of the main concerns for protecting your home is protecting carpets. They can be easily damaged by dirty shoes and food or drink spillage, often leading to irreparable […]

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Prevent Damage with Protec’s Adhesive Carpet Protector

19 Jan , 2012  

Why Use Protec’s Sticky Carpet Protector. Buying new carpets can be an expensive job, especially if they are new and have been damaged by construction or refurbishment work. One way to protect them is with carpet protectors. Let us introduce Protec’s Carpet Protectors. Our unique Carpet Protectors are made of a low tack self-adhesive film, allowing […]

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Carpet Protection, Products

Our Carpet Protector is ideal for protecting your floors from debris

16 Jan , 2012  

If you need to protect your carpet from dirt and debris during construction or home renovation, then you need Protec’s Carpet Protector. Our Carpet Protector is a lightweight, self-adhesive protection film which gives cost-effective carpet protection in environments where carpets are under threat from dirt, debris, dust, or other contamination from construction and work sites.

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