Elasticated TiesProtec supply both Nylon Cable Ties and also Elasticated Scaffold Ties to our customers for use with products such as Banner Roll, Debris Netting, Scaffold Sheeting and Vented Fencing Screen. Both of these ties could be used interchangeably with the different products however it is important to consider that some work better together and some don’t work at all together.
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One of the most common hazards on a building site is tripping, and one of the main culprits are cables not tucked out of the way. Sometimes it’s necessary to have those cables on a work site, so what can be done about them?

We’d like to introduce Skyhook, an amazingly simple way to keep the cables out of the way to prevent tripping or accidental damage.

The versatile Skyhook can be used as a temporary cable support by hooking it over items such as floor joists or ceiling grids, or screwing the support into a strong ceiling surface, or even attaching it to a wall.

SkyhookTrailing power leads are an accident waiting to happen. Why not secure your power leads away to prevent this happening in the first place?

This versatile Skyhook is a temporary cable support which keeps leads high off the ground to prevent tripping or electrocution. You can hook the Skyhook over high structures such as floor joists, ceiling grids, or by even screwing the hook into the ceiling or wall.

The Skyhook is manufactured from bright yellow non-conductive material to make they remain seen.