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Preparing Construction Sites & Masonry for Cold Weather

14 Jan , 2013  

Protecting Construction sites from cold weather. The majority of the UK has been put on either Yellow or Amber cold weather alert. Protec has also experienced construction clients having to prepare against the ice and rain with various temporary protection materials on the building site. With increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of […]

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Carpet Protection, Floor Protection

How to protect your carpets with bad weather

20 Sep , 2012  

The rain just hasn’t seemed to stop! With months worth of rain falling in a matter of days Britain is being hit pretty hard by the bad weather. This has an effect on a lot of people and various activities but carpets aren’t always at the forefront of everyone’s mind and they can suffer. Whether […]

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Dirt Trapper Mats, Products

About Protec’s Dirt Trap Mats

5 May , 2012  

Dirt Trap Mats Help You  Make The Right Impression In an industry reliant on quality and reputation, why not make the right impression from the outset with our Trapmats. An entrance to a site is where the judgement begins and the effort to ensure a reputation of professionalism can be made even here not to mention demonstrating […]

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Brickwork Protection

Brick Protection

3 May , 2012  

Building Brickwork protection

Brick Protection during building work in the rain. Living in Britain brings its own unique relationship with our unpredictable weather and the effect it has on industries such as building and construction can be rather annoying. One day of glorious sun only to be followed by a day with torrential rain can cause interruptions to […]

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Extra Strong Construction Tape with Anti Slip Protection

19 Mar , 2012  

With frosty April mornings coming up it is a timely point at which to write a blog about one the most useful extra strong construction tape a building site can have in its stores.  Protec Anti Slip tape is a 25mm x 18.2m roll of high tack tape with a rough “sand paper-esq” surface that provides slip […]

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Handrail Protector, Products

Guinea Pig Water Bottle Protection from the Frost

10 Mar , 2012  

 Whilst most of the products that Protec supply are firmly founded in Construction with the aim of protecting new and existing areas of build whilst works are carried out a number of niche uses of our products are fed back to us from the general public. Previous blogs have described the use of Proplex sheets […]

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Bad Weather

Frost Protection For Foundations

24 Dec , 2011  

Protect building foundations from frost, snow and ice. Previous Protec blogs have already covered winter weather and snow but only in general detail, in light of increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow. “Know your enemy” is perhaps a little strong when assessing […]

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Cushiongard, Products

Using CushionGard Surface Protection in the Garden

15 Nov , 2011  

Last year I used Cushiongard to line the walls of my greenhouse and garden shed providing that extra insulating layer needed to keep temperatures several degrees over the outside frosts. Whilst ordinary bubblewrap may be useful for taking the edge off the spring frosts, unlike Cushiongard, it would provide little or no protection once temperatures […]

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Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting

Weather-Proof Your Construction Site in 3 Steps

28 Oct , 2011  

1) Protection Openings on Construction Site From Weather: Proscaf Scaffold Wraps are reinforced with polythene which makes it the perfect material for protecting your scaffolding structure against wind, rain, sleet and snow. Proscaff Scaffold building banners are manufactured from tough and reinforced materials which are tear and even puncture proof to ensure that your scaffold structure and […]

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Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting

Protect your new build against bad weather

21 Oct , 2011  

Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting for Weather Protection. Winter is upon us and so is the bad weather. Protect your new build against bad weather by covering up your brickwork with Proscaff. Not only is proscaff fully waterproof and has good light permeability, the re-inforced nature of these sheeting allows for easy fixing such as nailing or stapling […]

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