Protecting building sites from cold weather.

The majority of the UK has been put on either Yellow or Amber cold weather alert. Protec has also experienced construction clients having to prepare against the ice and rain with various temporary protection materials on the building site.

With increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow.

Unlike weather such as rain snow is insidious often sneaking in overnight and disrupting the building site through requiring clearing of access ways and, when coupled with wind, finding its way into buildings, melting and subsequently causing possible water damage to floors.
Temporary protection materials can help prevent snow entering anywhere it shouldn’t, protect building materials and speed up any jobs clearing the snow away.

  • Make sure all opening are covered. Protec supply various forms of plastic sheeting such as 500 gauge Polythene, Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting or Barrier Sheeting which can be secured over openings (doors, windows and vents that are yet to be completed). They are all strong, waterproof and durable protection materials that will withstand wind, sleet and snow. This can be fixed in place using a strong adhesive 100mm Cloth Tape or with staples if possible. To be extra sure Proplex Window & Door Sill protectors can be butted up at the bottom of a door to stop anything blowing beneath it.
  • Cover all materials and work. Large format protection coverings are ideal used indoors and outdoors to cover any work or materials being stored. Barrier Sheeting or Promesh HD are both supplied in 4m x 50m rolls so a large area can be covered and protected so that if there is any snow fall anything beneath will remain snow-free.
  • Ice Reduction. Protec Handrail Protector and Protec Bubble wrap are great for wrapping around external handrails so as to provide a non slip surface that snow and ice can be brushed off easily.

These simple tasks should help time spent battling snow and ice on a building site and help protect any valuable building materials. We are very enthusiastic in hearing any clients’ new ideas to help construction sites in cold weather so please let us now any tips or call us if you need any advice on any other issues brought up by cold weather on site.

Our next few blogs will also address some other weather issues a building site may come up against so keep your eye out to find out how to protect your site in the wet and windy months ahead.

The rain just hasn’t seemed to stop!

With months worth of rain falling in a matter of days Britain is being hit pretty hard by the bad weather. This has an effect on a lot of people and various activities but carpets aren’t always at the forefront of everyone’s mind and they can suffer. Whether you are taking dogs for a walk and subsequently your car gets very messy, or entrance ways to the home where muddy boots and shoes can cause damage Protec Carpet Protector rolls can help keep the rain and mud at bay. Simply laying out a strip over any problem areas can take minutes but save you hours and cash in cleaning.

A particular problem point we have expereienced over the past holiday months has been caravan owners going for hiking weekends, subsequently getting very messy and requiring carpet protection for when they return.

Protec would be glad to help and we have a great range of various lengths available at our following website, .


Trapmats – Making The Right Impression

In an industry reliant on quality and reputation, why not make the right impression from the outset with our Trapmats.

An entrance to a site is where the judgement begins and the effort to ensure a reputation of professionalism can be made even here not to mention demonstrating the forward thinking to protect against costs and overheads associated with damages and clean-up time. Protec provide different types of Trapmats:  Heavy Duty which is 610mm x 915mm and has 36 cotton sheets per mat which provide a strong adhesive surface to trap dust and dirt on contact in addition to our Standard offering which is 625mm x 1120mm and has 30 poly sheets per mat coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Being low profile means they are easy to move and place where needed as the work goes on. Now available from our website here, trap dust and dirt.

Protecting building work in the rain

We are now moving into May and the April showers seem to have followed. Living in Britain brings its own unique relationship with our unpredictable weather and the effect it has on industries such as building and construction can be rather annoying. One day of glorious sun only to be followed by a day with torrential rain can cause interruptions to build schedules and even damage to things such as masonry and brickwork. A large amount of rain collecting on a roof and then pouring off onto the foundations or other areas can cause excessive amounts of damage and the best way to get around this is to install temporary downpipes onto the roof and guttering and then direct the water to a location on the ground away from vulnerable areas.

The Temporary Downpipe is supplied on a 200m and has a 254mm opening which makes it suitable for almost any downpipe opening. Furthermore the Temporary Downpipe is supplied with 25 350mm Cable Ties to secure the Downpipe to the opening of the guttering down to the size required.

For further information please contact the Protec Customer Services team on 0800 834 704 or why not order your Downpipe online today.

With frosty April mornings coming up it is a timely point at which to write a blog about one the most useful extra strong construction tape a building site can have in its stores.  Protec Anti Slip tape is a 25mm x 18.2m roll of high tack tape with a rough “sand paper-esq” surface that provides slip resistance when it is secured to floor protection.

Anti Slip Tape is extremely useful t all times of the year and in many ways it’s use should be encouraged as standard best practice on sites as it is a means of reducing slip related accidents but it is especially significant at this time of the year when  wet and icy conditions are more prevalent.

Originally Anti Slip tape was developed for use primarily for the temporary tread protection that Protec supply in the Rigid Tread Protectors and the Flame Retardant Stair Protector. It was found that by applying a couple of strips along the step part of each tread protector, significant additional grip was added thus making them safer for site traffic up and down the stairs.

For the best results when using Anti Slip tape it is recommended that it is applied firmly to a clean and dry surface to give the adhesive the best chance of sticking and remaining stuck down.

Since Anti Slip tape was added to the Protec tape range it has been used on a wide variety of protection products to provide additional grip both internally and externally. A notable use is using it directly on top of the Self Adhesive Carpet Protection on stair ways and also on external steps.

Protec Anti Slip tape is a versatile option for extra grip where it’s needed.

 Whilst most of the products that Protec supply are firmly founded in Construction with the aim of protecting new and existing areas of build whilst works are carried out a number of niche uses of our products are fed back to us from the general public. Previous blogs have described the use of Proplex sheets in making homes for Guinea Pigs as its water proof cleanable properties make it ideal for lining cages.

Another Protec product that has been recently identified as “Guinea Pig and Rabbit” Friendly is the Flame Retardant Hand Rail Protector Tube 2m. This foam tube is being used by a number of “Cavy Breeders” as a form of water bottle protection especially on external hutches during the winter months.

The primary use of the Handrail protector in this application is, when cut down to size, is to provide insulation against frost and thus reducing the risk of the water bottle freezing. The further benefit of having this impact resistant foam secured around the water bottle is general protection against any knocks or damage that may impact upon it.

The Handrail protector can be easily cut to size and its pre-slit centre allows it to be wrapped around water bottles and held in place with a Cable Tie (available from Protec) at the top and the bottom. The foam is best used on water bottles that are secured on the outside of the cage to prevent the foam from being chewed or ingested by the Guinea Pig.

This is another product that can be used to benefit a Guinea Pig living environment.

Bubble WrapPrevious Protec blogs have already covered winter weather and snow but only in general detail, in light of increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow.

“Know you enemy” is perhaps a little strong when assessing the impact of snow on your construction site but is none the less a valid point. Snow, unlike rain, sleet or hail is an insidious type of weather that can sneak in over night and completely disrupt works on site through its depth and frequency, extra work is required to dig the site clear and man hours are consequently lost. Snow, aided by the wind, is also a nuisance in the way that it can be blown in through openings, melts through the subsequent thaw and then you potentially have the risk of water damage to finished floors.
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Protect greenhouses in winter with CushiongardRead Gardeners World part 1
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Most gardeners are prepared for the arrival of the first frost by moving our sensitive plants such as fuchsias into sheltered positions, garages or greenhouses. The past couple of years seen long drawn out and very cold winters in the UK with more tropical plants such as palm trees succumbing to the extended cold spells. Most greenhouses, unless heated, would have also not provided much protection and we have seen our precious plants frost bitten or dead by spring.
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HessianThe onset of winter conjures up numerous building protection requirements such as rainwater protection, wind and snow protectors. Protec supplies a number of temporary protection solutions to protect from bad weather such as temporary downpipes for rainwater protection, hessian cloths for ice and snow protection.

Taking a handful of these more common problems we can offer solutions to reduce and in many instances remove the consequences of winter weather.
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Scaffold SheetingNow that the winter months are upon us, all construction works become just that little more difficult. Our customers tell us that more attention needs to be paid to covering up brickwork, weatherproofing unfinished openings and windows on buildings. Protec supplies building protection materials to make sure the rain does not damage your project.
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