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About Protec’s TrapMats.

It is often said that “your home is your castle”. Whenever a homeowner decides to carry out any work on their home, whether it is an extension, a new conservatory, or more simple refurbishments like a new fireplace the impact of that work on the home is a big factor, particularly as the residents plan on living in the while the work is being done.

Using a dirt trapmat is a great way to avoid mess spreading throughout the house. Place them at main doorway entrances to prevent dirt being trampled over any unsuspecting carpets in rooms that are not being worked on. They are sticky mats which pick off any dirt from work boots and then can be peeled away to reveal another sticky mat beneath.

There are also a number of ways that the contractors carrying out the work can ensure their customers have peace of mind whilst on the job and this is where Protec like to help. Two of the main issues are dirt and dust being carried through the home and there are two very easy solutions. One is sealing off any room work is being carried out in using ZipWall ZipDoor kits. They are easy to install and not only stop dust travelling from areas that are being worked in to areas being lived in. There was recently a brilliant review written attesting to this application specifically on the product page and was particularly important due to the clients suffering from asthma.

Perfect Solution for a dust free zone

by Claire Rumble, 08 Aug 2012

Usage: We are having an extension but trying to live in our house throughout the build. I therefore wanted to be able to avoid the rooms we are living in becoming dusty. Particularly as my husband and I both suffer from Asthma.

Opinion: I am so impressed with this product. It was very easy to assemble and is exceeding all expectations I had of its capability in stopping dust getting into the rooms we wish to protect. It is also easy to get in and out of. Most people complain about dust getting everywhere in the house when having an extension – this is definately the answer to avoid that happening. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to others.

The ZipDoor is also great for the builder in terms of limiting the clean-up to specific rooms and also ensuring the residents know work is being done and for them to not enter that room.

These are two safeguards that our consumer clients love and often stress their builders use and we have also had great feedback from our clients who are tradesman themselves who can now show an extra degree of consideration when working in a residential home and are benefiting from the subsequent recommendations. It doesn’t have to stop just there either as overshoes, carpet protection and full temporary screening systems have all had similar feedback and can be found on our site.

Are you a builder/contractor and use these sorts of products? If so then let us know and if not then give it a try and it may just even secure you that next refurbishment job!

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