HessianThe onset of winter conjures up numerous building protection requirements such as rainwater protection, wind and snow protectors. Protec supplies a number of temporary protection solutions to protect from bad weather such as temporary downpipes for rainwater protection, hessian cloths for ice and snow protection.

Taking a handful of these more common problems we can offer solutions to reduce and in many instances remove the consequences of winter weather.

Frost damage to Bricks and Brickwork – Protec can supply a Premium Hessian Rolls to combat the damage that frost can cause to your hard work and building materials. Simply by wrapping the bricks and brickwork with the hessian can provide insulation that reduces and removes the damaging effects of frost.

Barrier SheetingWeather Protection to openings – Protec Barrier Sheeting and Protec Proscaff are reinforced polythene which are ideal for protecting against wind, rain, sleet and snow. When installed correctly they can provide a water proof barrier against the worse that the British winter can throw at your site. In addition replacement Cable Ties and Elasticated Ties can also be obtained from Protec to replace and bolster existing fixings.

Muddy Foot Traffic – Protec can supply a number of floor protection materials to cover your floors but in addition to these why not use a Protec Heavy Duty Trap Mat which combines the traditional step-on step-off adhesive mat with durable fabric element and rubber surround allowing people to wipe their feet before stepping into your newly refurbished building.

Heavy Duty Temporary DownpipeExtra rain water on partially completed buildings – Don’t let the rain damage your foundations, a Protec Temporary Rain Water Downpipe can be fixed to drain excess rainwater to a suitable drain.

If you have a specific protection requirement that you would like some help and advice with please don’t hesitate to contact the Protec Customer Services team on 0800 834 704.

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