Protec Polythene, Keep your site covered with our Plastic Sheeting

Whether it is lining a pond, covering building materials, lining a shed or screening off a specfic area the range of Polythene offered by Protec will satisfy the requirements of the majority of temporary screening and covering applications with a versatile range of polythene suited to numerous scenarios. When reviewing the Protec Polythene it may be useful to divide them into Flame Retardant and Non Flame Retardant in order to assess the viability of the different product offerings. After all, each product is different and has properties that lend themselves better to certain applications than others.

Amongst the Flame Retardant Polythene there is a Light (260 gauge), Medium (308 gauge) and Heavy (800 gauge) Duty grade all of which are certificated to LPS1207 and therefore fully flame retardant. As a consequence of their flame retardant properties this polythene is white in colour which is favoured in applications where screening areas wants to obscure visibility. The three thickness of this FR Polythene in the three grades in large format 4m rolls ensures that large areas can be covered or screened quickly and effectively provided a barrier to reflect the environment it is being used in.

Of the Standard Polythene and TPS Sheeting that Protec stock a differentiation can be drawn between the two TPS (Temporary Protective Sheeting) polythene and the heavier 500 gauge and 1000 gauge polythene. Firstly the TPS polythene supplied in either a Medium (128 gauge) and Heavy (200 gauge) grades are designed primarily for use as a form of covering protection as their relatively low gauge makes them light and easy to install and remove, they are manufactured as a translucent polythene so they will allow light through and provide some visibility through the polythene. The 500 gauge and 1000 gauge polythene on the other hand are more suited for screening and other more involved works, after all the 500 gauge polythene was originally brought into the Protec product line as a screening material for use with Zipwall screening as it was found to provide excellent strength, light transparency and work well with the Zip door kit.  The 1000 Gauge Polythene is Black polythene that delivers outstanding strength and is even used as a Damp Proof Membrane as well as numerous garden applications (lining ponds, hanging baskets and covering soil).

Through these different polythene rolls a solution can be found to most applications where polythene is required for screening or covering. Protec also stock an extensive range of Tapes for securing the polythene to itself or to finished surfaces with the High Tack Cloth Tape 100mm x 50m for jointing and the White Low Tack 75mm x 33m for finished surfaces.

For temporary screening applications the Protec ZipWall range provides a perfect solution when used with the polythene to create an effective screen, quickly from the ground (no need for ladders and tape).

So for any Polythene requirement keep your site covered with Protec.

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