New Bath and Shower Protection in all Shapes and Sizes

Bidet, Shower and Bath Protectors with Proplex, a New Bathroom Protection Range.

Preformed Proplex is designed to cover various bathroom fittings and save hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of potential damage to your bathroom. It is easy install and provides great protection when you are fitting, re-decorating or refurbishing your bathroom.

Bathroom: Sink, Bidet and Bath

General Protection (Floors, Walls and Worktops) –

2.4m x 1.2m Proplex Sheets

Use: For standard protection against impact damage. Easily cut, creased and bent. Great for protecting floors with minimal foot traffic   or applying vertically to walls. As it is easily cut and creased these sheets are perfect for altering the size to fit worktops or various other surfaces

Use: Higher degree of impact resistance, ideal for protecting floors with occasional heavy traffic

Use: For protecting Heavy traffic or extremely high value flooring

Very Large Areas of Floor –

Rolls – 1.22m x 50m

  • Thickness 2mm

Use: Perfect for ease of application on larger areas of floor. Continuous roll means a lot less tape is needed than taping sheets together

Doors –

Door Size Sheets – 2m x 0.85m

  • Thickness: 2mm

Use: Pre-cut to-size for easy application to doors providing great damage protection, particularly important when moving furniture or lots of traffic through doorways threatens the doors themselves

Appliances –

Pre-formed Hob and Oven Protector 850mm (H) x 510mm (W) x 560mm (L)

  • Thickness: 2mm

Use: Pre-formed to fit over the standard hob or oven. Great for when working in kitchens and certain appliances need protecting


We also offer Proplex in a flame retardant version for applications which require it.

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