Awareness on Site with Hi Visibility Protection

Hi Vis Manhole CoverIn recent years Protec have worked hard to develop inventive and practical protection solutions on site and in few instances is this more apparent than with the range of external protection products that are aided in their purpose of protection by being produced in Hi Visibility Yellow.

Awareness and Visibility are important aspects in creating a safe and accident free environment on site and with the progressive use of Hi Vis on sites both in PPE, vehicles and equipment it was only a matter of time before Protec developed Hi Vis products.

The three main products that Protec produce in Hi Vis are as follows:

Hi Vis Manhole Protector: Supplied in a pack of ten this flat pack kit assembles into a 600mm x 600mm box with “Caution Manhole” sign to slot into the top. It can be weighted down with bricks inside its frame and is very effective as a visual alert when placed on top of any exposed Manholes.

Hi Vis Meter Box Cover: This product is also supplied in a pack of 10 and slots together to provide an impact resistant, durable and visible cover to protect external meter boxes.

Proscaff Hi Vis Protector Tubes: An ideal form of soft impact absorbent protection for scaffold poles at all levels but specifically useful at ground level where foot traffic is liable to make human collision with poles more likely. The 2m tubes provide a very visible alert to where the poles are and in the event that someone does collide with the pole injury should be avoided as the closed cell foam absorbs the impact.

For protection that raises awareness use Protec’s Hi Vis products.

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