Top 5 Tips for Joiners

Door Jambs: door frame protection

Doors, by their very nature, are often access points to buildings or areas of the house and, much like stairs, are exposed to tools and equipment being knocked against door frames. Foam Door Jambs can be used to safeguard your door frame fixtures and prevent costly replacements or repairs

Door Sleeves:

door protection sleeveOnce your frames are protected that leaves the doors themselves which need to be covered from the accidental knock or dent, Door Sleeves slide over a door and provide this protection without the need for fixing with tape etc.

Cover your timber: wood floor protection

Protecting newly laid timber flooring can be problematic as it often needs to be allowed to release moisture without getting trapped but leaving it uncovered can mean ongoing work could damage your lovely flooring. Breathershield FR has been specially designed by Protec to provide a solution for newly installed timber where it is essential that the moisture is allowed to escape into the atmosphere while at the same time fulfilling LPS1207 Flame Retardant certification

Handrail/Balustrade Protectors:

handrail protectionStairs are often the focal point for foot traffic on buildings with multiple levels and this can mean plenty of equipment, furniture and fittings being carried up and down throughout the build. A wooden handrail or balustrade on the stairs can be easily knocked and dented or scratched by this traffic so it it important to use foam Handrail/Balustrade Protectors on these items that can often be bespoke made and costly to replace


Do you work with wood a lot while on-site? Does the dust from various resizing and alteration of fittings get around various rooms and cause costly clean-up time? ZipWall and ZipDoor provide the ability to screen off specific areas or whole rooms from dust transfer caused by working with timbertemporary screening from dust

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