Temporary DownpipeOne of the best aspects of working within the construction industry is the rich language and variation of terminology used to describe Protection products that we supply at Protec and there are few products that demonstrate this more than the Temporary Rain Water Downpipe.

Temporary Downpipe attracts many colourful descriptions from buyers, site personnel and members of the public alike so much so they become part of the protection vocabulary. The most popular terms for this product are derived from its appearance as a long polythene tube that attaches to the guttering and trails down the building to the nearest drain. Elephant Trunking, Rain Water Socks and Giant Condoms are frequently used by customers and prospects to describe the product that is the Temporary Downpipe.

A popular product, the Temporary Downpipe can be used to direct rain water from the roof and guttering and direct it to a location on the ground away from foundations and other areas that could be damaged by excessive amounts of water pouring unchecked from the roof.

The Temporary Downpipe is supplied on a 200m and has a 254mm opening which makes it suitable for almost any downpipe opening. Furthermore the Temporary Downpipe is supplied with 25 350mm Cable Ties to secure the Downpipe to the opening of the guttering down to the size required.

For further information please contact the Protec Customer Services team or why not order your Downpipe today.

Rotting CillsA homeowner recently called us regarding an issue he is experiencing at home. The house is quite old and has lovely wooden window sills but unfortunately they are rotting externally. Our Window and Sill Protectors although are a ‘temporary protection’ solution are being used as protection from the elements until they will need replacing.

They are going to be painted green too!

Plaster Boarding a Ceiling with ZipWallThis is a nifty application for our Zipwall temporary screening system.

Predominantly Zipwall is used for screening off areas but plasterers whilst using it have also commented on another great use – holding plasterboard up on ceilings.

Another application for this fantastic product.

Often when plaster boarding ceilings, a lot of dust and dirt can be created – particularly from taking down older ceilings – so the Zipwall is also good for screening too.

Construction SiteWhen ordering any materials for delivery to a construction site there is always a degree of concern as to when the materials will arrive, whether they will be delivered to the correct address and who will take delivery of them.

At Protec we strive to alleviate this concern by offering a number of order features which are designed to provide the customer with the up most confidence that their goods will be delivered to the correct address on the correct day and as required.
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HessianThe onset of winter conjures up numerous building protection requirements such as rainwater protection, wind and snow protectors. Protec supplies a number of temporary protection solutions to protect from bad weather such as temporary downpipes for rainwater protection, hessian cloths for ice and snow protection.

Taking a handful of these more common problems we can offer solutions to reduce and in many instances remove the consequences of winter weather.
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At Protec we pride ourselves on our customer Services excellence and as part of this are keen to inform our existing Account Customers of one of the many benefits of being a Protec Credit Account Holder.

ProtecAs an Account holder customers can call through and order any time during the day (between 8am and 17:00pm) but a little known benefit is that customers are able to call through and ADD to an order they have already placed earlier that day up to 17:00.
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Car manufacturing company benefits from Protec Low Tack TapeA well knows Car Manufacturing company has contacted Protec to explain an issue they are experiencing during the manufacturing process.

The very small parts used to make the cars often can scratch easily. The solution for this company was to apply the affected areas with Protec’s Low Tack 50mm x 33m Tape to prevent any scratching.

The tape can be removed when it needs to be leaving no residue on the parts – the perfect temporary protection.