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Proscaff FR Scaffold Wraps a Swimming Pool

19 Nov , 2011  

Proscaff Scaffold Banners Used for Covering and Waterproofing Swimming Pool. The innovation and ingenuity people are pushed to when looking after their family always fascinates me! sAs well as fantastic environmental credential, we all need to think about how these ideas can be put to use in our everyday lives to reduce our carbon footprint. Doomsday […]

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Protection Is Child’s Play!

18 Nov , 2011  

We have recently taken an enquiry from a new Father looking to baby proof his home. Our recommendation was to use FR Handrail Protectors to cushion hard edges around the house that would cause potential danger to a toddler bumping into them. The product is self gripping so will stay securely on the edge to […]



Protec Gets Festive!

17 Nov , 2011  

We have recently supplied our 3mm standard proplex to make models for a primary schools nativity! The Proplex will be cut and painted to make different figurines to include in the play. Proplex 3mm corrugated plastic sheeting is extremely strong yet easy to cut and bend into different shapes so it is ideal for this […]


Protection For Puppies!

16 Nov , 2011  

We have recently had an enquiry to supply 2mm Black Standard Proplex to stop a little puppy escaping through a garden fence on to a dangerous busy road. The plan is to attach the proplex to the bottom of the fence to stop the puppy being able to squeeze through the bars! Awww!


Cushiongard, Products

Using CushionGard Surface Protection in the Garden

15 Nov , 2011  

Last year I used Cushiongard to line the walls of my greenhouse and garden shed providing that extra insulating layer needed to keep temperatures several degrees over the outside frosts. Whilst ordinary bubblewrap may be useful for taking the edge off the spring frosts, unlike Cushiongard, it would provide little or no protection once temperatures […]

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Protection for Snow White And The Huntsman

14 Nov , 2011  

We have recently supplied protection for the Snow White And the Huntsman film set. The site are using Promesh 1207 to tie to the heras fencing to stop prying eyes getting a sneak peak at the set!

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Proplex Rafts!

13 Nov , 2011  

We have recently supplied a company with 3mm standard proplex for building rafts to protect water voles in local rivers. The rafts are used to remove the Mink population from the rivers, which are a natural enemy to the endangered water voles.

Charity Work

Recent visit to Kenya results in a mission to help

12 Nov , 2011  

A recent trip to Watamu, Kenya by staff member Andy’s Parents has resulted in Protec offering to help some children. Any much needed contributions will go towards helping what is a very poor school with some basic facilities. The school doesn’t have any running water so the plan is to provide a tap and a […]


Protec’s Top 5 Songs!

11 Nov , 2011  

It’s Friday at the Protec office and in preparation for the weekend we’re getting our Friday-afternoon-drive-home music ready! We took a quick poll and here are the 5 top songs the Protec staff like! Protection by Massive Attack Polythene Pam by John Lennon Bubble Wrap by McFly Dust In The Wind by Kansas Hammer to […]


Ever thought of making a slippery slide? You can – 1000g polythene!!

10 Nov , 2011  

Have you ever slipped down a long water-covered polythene sheet (also called a “slippery slide!”)? Our Polythene 1000 Gauge works great as a slide! You would be amazed at how many people call us looking to buy polythene to make an outdoor slide! Let the good times commence! The channel 5 programme ‘The Gadget Show’ […]