Protection delivered with Confidence

Construction SiteWhen ordering any materials for delivery to a construction site there is always a degree of concern as to when the materials will arrive, whether they will be delivered to the correct address and who will take delivery of them.

At Protec we strive to alleviate this concern by offering a number of order features which are designed to provide the customer with the up most confidence that their goods will be delivered to the correct address on the correct day and as required.

Special Instructions on Orders

Need the materials left in a specific location on site or do the carriers need to follow a certain delivery procedure when approaching site, Protec can include these instructions on your order as it is processed to ensure the delivery is made as smoothly as possible.

Text and Email Confirmation on Orders

If you are able to provide an email address and/or Mobile Phone number Protec will send you an email and/or a text confirmation of where your order is being sent and when it will be delivered.

ETAs On your delivery

Contact Protec’s Customer Service Team on 0800 834 704 on the day of delivery and they will endeavor to obtain an estimated time of delivery of your materials.

Proof Of Delivery

Avoid struggling to locate your materials once delivered to site by contacting Protec who will be able to provide you with a Proof Of Delivery of who signed for your delivery and when.

All part of the Protec Service.

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