Adding to an existing order, a benefit of being a Protec Account Holder

At Protec we pride ourselves on our customer Services excellence and as part of this are keen to inform our existing Account Customers of one of the many benefits of being a Protec Credit Account Holder.

ProtecAs an Account holder customers can call through and order any time during the day (between 8am and 17:00pm) but a little known benefit is that customers are able to call through and ADD to an order they have already placed earlier that day up to 17:00.

So if an order is placed at 10am and site realize they will require additional protection material to the quantity ordered at 16:00 they can call through and add onto their order without any risk of the delivery being delayed or split in transit.

If you’re an account holder and you would like to add to your existing order then pick up the phone and dial 0800 834 704 to contact the Protec Customer Services team who will be happy to help you with your order.

Not an Account Holder? Then why not sign up today:

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