Hard Floor Protector for Tile Tape

Use Protec Hard Floor Protector to secure tiles or mosaics during transport, storage and installation.

We have lots of customers who are involved in flooring whether it is supplies or installation and a large majority of them work with ceramic tiles or mosaics. One of these customers approached us to help find a solution to secure and hold together tiles and mosaic pieces for packaging, transit, and installation. The material needed to be easy to use, strong without leaving adhesive residue and clear in colour so as to see the mosaic or tile pattern through it.

Protec Hard Floor Film was supplied and worked perfectly, holding the individual tiles in place whilst it was being transported and then installed. This greatly reduced the installation time as well as looking very professional in front of the client.

For more information on Protec Hard Floor Film being used to secure tiles or mosaic in position during transport, storage and installation please contact our enquiries team on 0800 834 704


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