Wilmslow Green Room Simultane-a-thon 03/09/11

Once again Protec’s Matt Bird is participating in another theatrical outing but this time for charity in raising money for St Annes Hospice in Wilmslow.

The Wilmslow Green Room theatre have organized a Simultane-a-thon which consists of 9 groups of people at 10 separate locations around Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford and Macclesfield. At precisely 12 noon by the mid day pips live on Radio 4 they will all start to read an adapted version of the 1 hour play “Teleluvvies” by Mike Woodhead and Emma Clarke, a smash hit comedy from the 1998 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

When they have finished reading the play the Wilmslow Green Room will have simultaneously read the same play the most number of times in the most number of locations in the world ever.

An entertaining play, Matt and his cast will be performing their play outside the Town Hall in Macclesfield on Saturday morning at 12 noon. It is a public reading so free to watch, all donations welcome and will go to a very worthy cause.

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