Top Tips for Decorators

Decorating your house? Here are some top tips for protecting the working environment when decorating a room

Protect carpets from paint!carpet protection

Whether it’s a kitchen wood floor or a living room carpet, if you are painting, applying wallpaper etc then your floors are subject to probably spills and accidents. Dust sheets or newspaper can sometimes suffice but the former can often be a trip hazard while the latter can actually end up making more mess than if not used! Protec stock various floor protection whether it’s for wood or carpets that is easy to apply, quick, efficient and leaves your floors free from paint spills and worse!

Low-Tack Tape For Taping Off Fixtures

tape for finished surfacesTape is great for covering specific areas or fixings such as skirting boards so you don’t have to worry about painting right to the edge. This is a great tip but often people don’t pick their tape correctly and when removing could even pull up some of the finish on your covered fixing. Low-tack tape is perfect for use on finished surfaces and means you can get busy covering your skirting boards without need to worry about ruining the finish when removing

Protecting Doors While Painting Framesdoor protection

A common issue is when wanting to re-paint a doorframe but while trying to avoid getting paint onto the door itself. Other smaller items can just be taped over, like mentioned above, but taping a whole door is probably a waste of tape. Door Sleeves slide over doors and protects from various damage such as paint but we’ve found it is also great for protecting from scratches when moving furniture through doorways

Stay Clean!

shoe coveringsWhile working with paint or other potentially messy substances then it is easy for the mess to spread. You can safeguard your working area and surrounding house from this by using overshoes and trapmats when leaving a room. This means any dirt accumulated won’t be spread from room to room and contains the mess!

Trapmats – Making The Right Impression

In an industry reliant on quality and reputation, why not make the right impression from the outset with our Trapmats.

An entrance to a site is where the judgement begins and the effort to ensure a reputation of professionalism can be made even here not to mention demonstrating the forward thinking to protect against costs and overheads associated with damages and clean-up time. Protec provide different types of Trapmats:  Heavy Duty which is 610mm x 915mm and has 36 cotton sheets per mat which provide a strong adhesive surface to trap dust and dirt on contact in addition to our Standard offering which is 625mm x 1120mm and has 30 poly sheets per mat coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Being low profile means they are easy to move and place where needed as the work goes on. Now available from our website here, trap dust and dirt.