Tape ApplicatorProtec  Tape Applicators save you a great deal of time when applying tape to your construction or building site.If you are buying adhesive tape we would strongly recommend using these tape applicator guns to aid you with joining temporary protection boards. Protec’s tape gun applicators will save both time and the frustration of finding the end of the tape!

The tape applicators are heavy duty and designed to last, they can be re-used again and again.

About Protec’s Adhesive Tape.

Protec supply a comprehensive range of fixing adhesive tape to suit all applications. Whether you need building tape or construction tape, Protec’s tapes are to be used for jointing or sticking to finished surfaces. Protec can even supply custom printed tape and can source tapes including Packaging tapes, cloth (gaffa /duct) tape, PVC electrical tapes, low tack tapes and many others.

Sometimes, with the vast array of different tapes available, it is not clear which one would be best for the job. Here is a short guide by application on which tape should suit your needs.

Joining Materials or sheeting together?

Sticking to finished surfaces?

Tape for Hazards

  • Barrier Tape: Red and white striped tape for high visibility to represent a barrier
  • Hazard Warning Tape: Yellow and black striped tape for high visibility to represent a hazardous area
  • Anti-Slip Tape: For situations with high foot traffic or risk of fall, great for applying to floor protection used on stairs

General Use

  • Masking Tape: Standard making tape for general adhesive requirements

With frosty April mornings coming up it is a timely point at which to write a blog about one the most useful extra strong construction tape a building site can have in its stores.  Protec Anti Slip tape is a 25mm x 18.2m roll of high tack tape with a rough “sand paper-esq” surface that provides slip resistance when it is secured to floor protection.

Anti Slip Tape is extremely useful t all times of the year and in many ways it’s use should be encouraged as standard best practice on sites as it is a means of reducing slip related accidents but it is especially significant at this time of the year when  wet and icy conditions are more prevalent.

Originally Anti Slip tape was developed for use primarily for the temporary tread protection that Protec supply in the Rigid Tread Protectors and the Flame Retardant Stair Protector. It was found that by applying a couple of strips along the step part of each tread protector, significant additional grip was added thus making them safer for site traffic up and down the stairs.

For the best results when using Anti Slip tape it is recommended that it is applied firmly to a clean and dry surface to give the adhesive the best chance of sticking and remaining stuck down.

Since Anti Slip tape was added to the Protec tape range it has been used on a wide variety of protection products to provide additional grip both internally and externally. A notable use is using it directly on top of the Self Adhesive Carpet Protection on stair ways and also on external steps.

Protec Anti Slip tape is a versatile option for extra grip where it’s needed.

White Low Tack TapeIn many respects having such a large selection of adhesive tapes within the Protec product range can be hugely advantageous in that there is literally a tape for any job. Over the many years that Protec have been trading the range of tapes stocked has increased to meet the changing needs of sites, the differing materials used in construction and the levels of adhesion required to adhere effectively.
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White Low Tack TapeThe use of wide width tapes when fitting temporary protection materials, specifically flooring, really can’t be stressed enough. Protec offer both 75mm and 100mm Cloth Tape for those applications that require a more substantial tape for both jointing protection together and adhering protection onto “hard to stick” surfaces such as concrete.

There are numerous benefits of using a wide width tape in 75mm or 100mm Cloth Tape but a selection of them are:
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Car manufacturing company benefits from Protec Low Tack TapeA well knows Car Manufacturing company has contacted Protec to explain an issue they are experiencing during the manufacturing process.

The very small parts used to make the cars often can scratch easily. The solution for this company was to apply the affected areas with Protec’s Low Tack 50mm x 33m Tape to prevent any scratching.

The tape can be removed when it needs to be leaving no residue on the parts – the perfect temporary protection.