Propeller Powered Proplex!

We recently donated some of our Proplex material, which is used often in various arts and crafts activities due to its durability and flexibility, to a local Scout Group looking for something to make some propeller powered cars.

The proplex plastic sheeting was perfect for the job as it was sturdier than carboard while also being easily cut and shaped.

We received some pictures of the end product and they look great!

Protec were glad to help and hope everyone has great fun racing their cars!

Proplex Corrugated Sheeting used for protecting tv/film sets and filming locations.

We have supplied a number of  production companies with Proplex corrugated plastic sheeting (similar to and often reffered to in the industry as ‘Correx’) for protecting floors while on set or location. The material is perfect as it is robust and lightweight and solves the big problem of protecting various surfaces from large production teams and their equipment.

A high profile use of our material was exciting when used on the set for the Scorsese film Hugo. Despite a lot of our materials being made for construction a number of other materials have also been used for similar applications such as temporary screening to hide scretive sets from photographers. A perfect example of this was a lot of screening material being used to conceal the set of Snow White and the Huntsman released the past year.

If you work for a production company and require any of these materials or simply need some advice on the best products to protect floor on set or location or even conceal high profile filming then give our enquiries team a call on 0800 834 704.

Using Proplex Plastic sheeting for packaging or storage boxes

Recently Protec have had a request for our Proplex which is to be used in an interesting application.

A red-brick university had a requirement for a lightweight but durable and versatile material to make storage boxes from. These boxes were made by the students out of 2mm Proplex by easily bending the sheeting into a neat box shape and then used to store artefacts being borrowed from the local museum. The thickness of the Proplex was essential as 4mm had been used in the past but proved too rigid to shape easily by hand. An alternative of corrugated cardboard was also investigated however this proved to be considerably more expensive. Our Proplex sheeting is, more commonly than not, used for surface protection on floors however this proves it is also a great material for storage and packaging solutions. If you want any further advice on how to create plastic storage boxes with Proplex, then contact our enquiries team on 0800 834 704.

Our Proplex surface protection stole the show in Channel 5’s new programme ‘Half Built House’ last night (July 24).

Protec's Proplex surface protection sheets being used on Half Built HouseWhile interior designer, property renovator and presenter Sian Astley and the team tried to fix a DIY disaster in Eastbourne, our Proplex surface protection preserved the new wood flooring and tiles throughout the kitchen, dining and living room areas.

It meant that the ‘Half Built House’ team could get on with rebuilding the interior of the house – and meet the tough two-week deadline – without worrying about destroying the work they had already done on the floors.

Our temporary protection products are brilliant for these types of tight space and tight deadline projects. You can continue to work in-situ, different trades can follow each other quickly, there are no replacing damaged fixtures and fittings and less clean-up, which all saves time and money.

Proplex is a great material because it is economical, strong and very lightweight. It is tear, puncture and impact resistant and waterproof but easy to cut, crease and bend into shape. Proplex is available in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm thicknesses and it can be custom printed.

You can see the whole Half Built House episode on Demand 5 and check out Sian’s great blog, Moregeous.

Protec's Proplex surface protection sheets being used on Half Built House

Protec's Proplex surface protection sheets being used on Half Built House

Proplex – the perfect fit for protecting large cable drums whilst being transported around the world

We recently had a client who was transporting large cable drums globally via various forms of transport whether it be train, lorry or overseas. To protect the cabling a form of sheeting was needed to wrap around the exposed cable and then be secured in place so no damage came to them whilst being traspsorted. Protec’s Proplex 2mm Roll is the perfect solution as it is in a continuous sheet that can be wrapped around and then cut off and taped into place when it overlaps.

It is thought that thousands of pounds were saved in meterage of cabling that would have otherwise been damaged and due to the roll width being the perfect size and its ease of application due to the continuous length on the roll and speed compared to alternative solutions Protec’s Proplex 2mm Roll will now be the ongoing protection for transportation of large cable drums.

Here is a great photo of it in use.

Proplex for the Crafts Industry; a fantastic alternative to corrugated card

Our Proplex Plastic sheeting has recently been used by an arts and crafts supplier with great feedback. The customer supplies organisations such as schools, holiday clubs and Brownies and recommends using 2mm Proplex instead of corrugated card for any number of art and crafts activities. The material cuts really easy and doesnt leave a sharp edge when cut as well as being more durable, flexible and doesn’t go soggy when used with PVA glue!

So next time you are on your next art project, having fun with arts and crafts or run a kids club and need some material to work with, try Proplex!

Proplex plastic sheeting used as the basis of a screen for a quick drying area for timber products

Recently a timber mouldings company approached us for a solution to help build a quick drying room for their products including Handrails, Timber Columns, Skirtings among other items. The requirement was for plastic sheeting that was lightweight and durable to be used as a screen for the quick drying area. The frame work for the drying area was created using wood and then our Proplex plastic sheeting was used to make the screen by being stapled to the inside of the frame. Another important factor was the need for the material to meet LPS1207 which was met by our Proplex FR grade material. The Proplex was perfect for the job and the client was drying their timber materials in no time, job well done.

Materials Appropriate for Protecting Screed While Curing During Sub Floor Preparation 

We provide floor protection for all applications and in particular it is worth noting some of our products that are great for specifically protecting screed floors while curing during sub floor preparation. Our FR Felt, FR Breathershield and Proplex FR are great products to protect the curing screeding during Sub Floor preparation stages. Lots of flooring contractors do this and will be using products like Ply, Hardboard which are not ideal and need a better alternative. This is where Protec can help and recommend one of the previously mentioned products which have all had great feedback for this application from a series of clients.

For advice on the material best used for your situation then feel free to contact our very knowledgable Sales Team on 0800 834 704

Proplex Plastic Sheeting For Protecting Goods While Being Transported

Our Proplex is a great material used for surface protection primarily on construction sites against foot traffic, impact damage and general building environment but it can be extended to protection all manner of objects. We recently supplied a biking club with Proplex 5mm to help protect their bikes in a van while being transported to their biking destination!

For general protection of goods in transit, Proplex performs brilliantly and as it is easy to cut and re-shape can be prepared to fit nearly any application!

For more information on our materials please contact us on 0800 834 704.

Our Proplex Plastic Sheeting is great material for all sorts of applications. Here are some examples:

Bathroom Protection: Preformed Proplex designed to cover various bathroom fittings. Easy install and provides great protection for when fitting re-decorating or refurbishments

Bathroom: Sink, Bidet and Bath

General Protection (Floors, Walls and Worktops) -

2.4m x 1.2m Proplex Sheets

Use: For standard protection against impact damage. Easily cut, creased and bent. Great for protecting floors with minimal foot traffic   or applying vertically to walls. As it is easily cut and creased these sheets are perfect for altering the size to fit worktops or various other surfaces

Use: Higher degree of impact resistance, ideal for protecting floors with occasional heavy traffic

Use: For protecting Heavy traffic or extremely high value flooring Continue reading