Temporary Factory Partitioning Solutions for Live Factory Environments

Protec have been helping various contractors with temporary protection for over 20 years. In that time, the situation where maintenance, repair or refurb contractors have requested solutions to screen off areas of a live warehouse or factory have come up numerous times.

Under CDM regulations 2007 (Construction Design and Management legislation, any project over either 30 days or 500 man hours has to be notified to the Health and Safety Executive and then these regulations adhered to), you have to create a barrier between a live factory floor and the project area.

The solution that is often turned to is heras fencing that can be locked together and divide the area of work and the rest of the factory. This fencing subsequently needs to be screened with a material that is up to the job and that is where Protec have the experience of offering a variety of great screening materials that adhere to various regulations such as LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant accreditation.

Heras fencing will give an effective access barrier however in a lot of cases, where there are particularly high ceilings, heras fencing won’t give the visual obstruction needed at height. A lot of our clients opt for a combination of both the heras fencing and then a screening material suspended from the ceiling and draped down in strips and then secured to each other with sheeting ties and at the floor by folding beneath the heras fence. Below is a picture of this method in practice.

Temporary screen in a live factory
Temporary screen in a live factory

The above product is Promesh FR LPS 1207 2m x 50m which, although often used as floor protection, was chosen because of its large format in length so it could be draped from ceiling to floor.

The client of this particular image had this to say about their use of temporary screening from ourselves…

The Promesh FR 1207 screen does a couple of things at once.


-Stops any debris that may be created, in particular dust, being passed towards the general staff of a building we maybe working in.

-Stops any sparks, that may be being generated from cutting at high level, leaving the project area.

-Some of our projects can be commercially sensitive and therefore gives us privacy.

-It looks far better having a crisp white screen to look at than a bunch of hairy arsed contractors milling round in a dirty project zone.

-If we get our logo put on it, it is a massive advert in some of the biggest blue chip companies in Europe.


All in all we look like a more professional outfit by taking a run down area of a factory, putting up this screen and then six months later revealing new technology and    equipment. It has a really good effect on our clients when there is an unveiling as it were.


Project Manager at a leading UK Maintenance Contractor


Some clients also opt to print their screen with either logos or custom messages such as warning or safety signs.


It is obvious that a solution for screening of an area within a sensitive environment will always be different depending on the specific situation but here at protect we have vast experience in the area and are confident we will be able to help with products, or simply advice, no matter the application.

To speak to one of our experts on temporary screening call us on 0800 834 704.

Promesh 1207 Floor ProtectionWhen it comes to protecting floors there can be a number of issues and these can be wide and varying and this is primarily because types of flooring can be equally as wide and varying. Trying to find a versatile and all round, effective floor protection that can be used equally for timber, vinyl or stone can be a struggle.
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Floor ProtectionContract Flooring

When you’re looking for contract flooring, Floor Protection should be one thing to take into consideration before starting. At Protec, we get asked a lot which type of product is right for certain environments, so we thought it would be beneficial to show the below document: these are guidelines from the Contract Flooring Association, specifically Section Nineteen which covers the use of temporary floor protection products.

We have a range of Floor Protection products on our website, including a Self-Adhesive Carpet Protector and Carpetshield® Flame Retardant Carpet Protection. If you have any questions about getting the right product for your floor protection, please give us a call on 0800 834 704.
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PromeshLooking at Floor Protection can be a daunting task with so many products that can offer similar protection, differing requirements on different sites and different floor coverings requiring varying levels of protection.

At Protec we pride ourselves on our extensive product range that can offer a protection solution to the majority of protection scenarios that arise on sites. We have Proplex sheets for floors where impact resistance is prevalent, Self Adhesive Carpet Protector where a firm grip is required on carpeted Stair Cases or the Breathershield for wooden and tiled floors where moisture needs to escape from the floor whilst it is protected for instance.

Promesh RollAll of the Protec Protection products have been designed and developed with the customer and application in mind but what about general floor protection where the exact extent of protection required is unknown? In these situations one of the best Protec products for protection is Promesh 2m x 50m protection roll.

When looking for a floor protection material very few are as diverse in its use as Protec’s Promesh product. Promesh and Promesh 1207, the Flame Retardant Version of the same product, offer an extremely strong protection covering that will protect against dust, dirt, paint and all manner of site debris. Its interwoven nature makes Promesh a durable protection for most floor types but specifically on carpets and vinyl floors. In addition Promesh can be tacked, stapled or nailed with its uniform strength remaining intact and not ripping.

Supplied on a 2m x 50m roll Promesh can be quickly installed into rooms and open spaces as well as corridors and unlike some protection product the roll is easy to handle, work with and store before and after use.

A truly great product all round.