Protecting your peaches from ‘Peach leaf Curl Disease’ with polythene sheeting.

From the Months Dec-End of May Peach trees can suffer with what’s known as ‘Peach Leaf Curl Disease’ which can be very damaging to the Tree. It is a fungal disease which severely affects the leaves and causes the fruit to drop prematurely. The disease can dis-colour the fruit, weaken the tree and reduce the ability to grow.

Here is some advice on how to shelter your peach trees with plastic polythene sheeting from the Royal Horticultural Society:

  ‘Where peaches are grown trained against a fence or wall, a rain shelter (see below for photo) of plastic sheeting is very effective at preventing infection. It should cover the top of the tree and the front to within 30cm (1ft) of the ground, but with the ends open to allow access for pollinating insects. It should be erected after leaf fall in November and kept in place until mid-May. Keeping the emerging shoots dry in this way prevents infection and also gives useful frost protection…’


Protection with our 500 gauge polythene has proven very effective for this sort of use and if you give our enquiries team a call on 0800 834 704 they will be more than happy to provide you with details on our range of screening materials. Alternatively you can visit our product page for 500 Gauge polythene and order directly from there for delivery on 2 day and next day services, just click here.

Whether you need polythene sheeting for lining a pond, covering building materials, lining a shed or screening off a specfic area the range of Polythene offered by Protec will satisfy the requirements of the majority of temporary screening and covering applications with a versatile range of polythene suited to numerous scenarios. When reviewing the Protec Polythene it may be useful to divide them into Flame Retardant and Non Flame Retardant in order to assess the viability of the different product offerings. After all, each product is different and has properties that lend themselves better to certain applications than others.

Amongst the Flame Retardant Polythene there is a Light (260 gauge), Medium (308 gauge) and Heavy (800 gauge) Duty grade all of which are certificated to LPS1207 and therefore fully flame retardant. As a consequence of their flame retardant properties this polythene is white in colour which is favoured in applications where screening areas wants to obscure visibility. The three thickness of this FR Polythene in the three grades in large format 4m rolls ensures that large areas can be covered or screened quickly and effectively provided a barrier to reflect the environment it is being used in. Continue reading

Step One – Calculate how much liner/polythene sheeting you need

You need to determine how much polythene sheeting you will require for your pond, including the length, width and depth. Once you have these measurements, add a foot on both in length and width to ensure that it will not be too short, you can then purchase your polythene sheeting Continue reading

 How ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’ utilised Protec’s Plastic Sheeting

“You Me Bum Bum Train, a very unusual name for what is a very unusual theatrical experience. This is its fifth staging and every time the experience is unique and totally immersive. This year the event was based in a discussed Royal Mail sorting office in the heart of London. A massive space that was taken over to allow for 21 unique scenes through which the audience member proceeds (on their own).

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