Cushiongard – The Best Surface Protection Material

At the end of a job, how annoying is it to have to go around and have to repair or make good areas of the workplace that have been bumped or scraped by contractors or workmen? Every repair, every touch up is eating into your profit margins and can take an absolute age to get finished.

Using traditional bubble wrap and cardboard are cumbersome and, even worse, very ineffective!
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Insulating Shed Surface Solution.

Recently we were contacted by a member of the public who had an issue with condensation inside his newly purchased Metal Shed.

The thing took 4 days to build!! It was completed only for the owner to discover condensation occurring inside. A cost effective way of insulating the inside of the shed was needed.

Flame Retardancy was important due to the types of works being undertaken inside – sparks could fly! Samples were posted of the Proplex 4mm FR 1.22m x 2.44m, CushionGard FR and our Blue FR Foam material.

On this occasion the Proplex was chosen as suitable protection materials.

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Protect greenhouses in winter with Cushiongard

Last year I used Cushiongard to line the walls of my greenhouse and garden shed providing that extra insulating layer needed to keep temperatures several degrees over the outside frosts. Whilst ordinary bubblewrap may be useful for taking the edge off the spring frosts, unlike Cushiongard, it would provide little or no protection once temperatures plummeted into double figures below 0.

Next spring, not only I am looking forward to watching my beautiful fuchsias bloom having safely overwintered the frosty months in the protection of the insulated greenhouse, I will also still be enjoying carrots from the outside garden patch which has also been protected by layers of insulating Cushiongard.

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Most gardeners are prepared for the arrival of the first frost by moving our sensitive plants such as fuchsias into sheltered positions, garages or greenhouses. The past couple of years seen long drawn out and very cold winters in the UK with more tropical plants such as palm trees succumbing to the extended cold spells. Most greenhouses, unless heated, would have also not provided much protection and we have seen our precious plants frost bitten or dead by spring.

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Surface Protection With CushionGard

Our Flame Retardant Heavy Duty CushionGard have long been a favourite for protection of curtainwalling and windows.

The lightweight material is much easier and less labour intensive to handle than other rigid protective boards and the large 1.5m x 100m rolls allow for large areas to be protected without the need of cutting, jointing.

Its flexibility makes it easy to use on doors, columns, staircases, balustrades but also on larger commercial projects for applications such as protection of escalators, lifts, mullions and furniture.

Cushiongard FR is fully certified to the LPS1207 making it an ideal product to use for commercial applications.