Protect Curtain Walling with Hanger Pins For Window, Glazing or Curtain Walling Contractors who use Temporary Protection on their projects, fixing the protection in place can often be problematic and timely. The usual go-to solution would be to use a low tack tape to fix into place which is an extra cost on the required tape… Continue reading

Cushiongard – The Best Surface Protection Material

At the end of a job, how annoying is it to have to go around and have to repair or make good areas of the workplace that have been bumped or scraped by contractors or workmen? Every repair, every touch up is eating into your profit margins and can take an absolute age to get finished.

Using traditional bubble wrap and cardboard are cumbersome and, even worse, very ineffective!
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CushionGardOur Flame Retardant Heavy Duty CushionGard have long been a favourite for protection of curtainwalling and windows.

The lightweight material is much easier and less labour intensive to handle than other rigid protective boards and the large 1.5m x 100m rolls allow for large areas to be protected without the need of cutting, jointing.
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