Bathroom Design Ideas

1) Houzz

If you are planning a new bathroom, Houzz is great for looking at other beautiful bathroom design ideas. Their app & website makes it quick and easy to get loads of bathroom ideas. Don’t forget if you are redecorating your bathroom, to use some of Protec’s Bathroom protectors.

2) Air BNB:

Although Air BNB is great for finding quirky bargain-stays to luxurious villas, you can also get a huge range of great home improvement ideas. Whether you’re interested in browsing a selection of Scandinavian-style Kitchens or thinking of putting in some Japanese sliding doors, you can check out real-life homes from pretty much any country in the world with Air BNB.  If you get the chance, we’ve found Portuguese bathrooms are a real treasure.

3) Youtube

From videos on how to remodel your bathroom to whether you should use a dust sheet or a floor protector, Youtube can answer any questions you have to do with home improvement. Why not check out Protec’s Youtube channel and let us know if there is anything you need answering not on there?

4) StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon lets you browse loads of websites which can not be easily found by search engines. If you set up an account, then set up “interior decorating” as one of your interests, you are bound to find loads of inspiring home improvement ideas.

5) Piccsy

Piccsy is an image site and lets you browse lots of different images for home improvement ideas.

6) Pinterest:

Pinterest lets you create a board of “pins” of a wide assortment of images so that you can create a board for whatever interests you the most.

7) Martha’s Blog:

The “Martha Blog”  is a fantastic collection of home ideas.

8) Ikea:

If you like contemporary Swedish design, Ikeas website if full of new ideas.

9) Got a Tablet / Smartphone ? Try FlipBoard!

Flipboard is an amazing mobile app which helps you to manage all of your favourite things in one place.

10) Channel 4’s Scrap booking:

Get some fantastic home ideas from places such as Sarah Beeny’s home improvement show so that you can get together a scrapbook of ideas.

So, here we have a list of our Ten of favourite places to get DIY / home improvement design ideas. If you’re attempting any of these, make sure you protect everything you don’t want to get ruined in the process. Protec’s range of temporary protection materials are affordable, most are recyclable and are the correct way to protect from damage, so if you are planning a home improvement project, make sure you check out our full range of products from floor protectors to bathrooms protectors.

Where do you get your DIY ideas? Let us know on Facebook as we would love to find out more from you or come back next week for our list of our favourite 5 bloggers to get home remodelling advice.

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