Environmental Sustainability – How to recycle Protec Temporary Protection Materials

Protec have been busy this last year improving our sustainability credentials. Improving internal processes to further our sustainability initiatives, auditing our own suppliers as well as joining the Supply Chain Sustainability School has led us to proudly receiving Gold Award Status for our efforts last July.

One of our aims to further our environmental sustainability as a supplier is to clearly mark all our products with the relevant recycling marks to indicate which waste stream to dispose of our products in. To this end we have also found a great tool published by the BRE called BreMap.

BreMap is a free web based to which helps users to:

  • Locate the nearest most suitable waste management site in order to reduce transport of waste.
  • Find the nearest recycling sites, reclamation companies, composting facilities, manufacturer take-back schemes, transfer stations and landfill sites.
  • Find local reclaimed and recycled products and equipment for recycling and reprocessing.

Simply enter the category of waste and the postcode and the tool will provide you with a list of local facilities to process our products once disposed of.

To learn more about our sustainability activities or if you are interested in talking to Protec about us becoming a responsible member of your supply chain as suppliers of Temporary Protection Materials then please contact Edit Fillingham on 0800 834 704.

Protec Lead by Example When it Comes to RecyclingAt Protec we try to care for the environment as much as we do for our customers.

For some time we haven taken matters of environmental protection, consideration to sustainable sources, and overall impact of our company quite seriously.

One of the simplest ways we – and any company – can take the same considerations is by recycling unneeded or unwanted materials. All kinds of common materials can be recycled, from paper, card, food, foil, plastics can all be professionally recycled.
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sustainability photo1Protec achieve gold status with Supply Chain

Sustainability School

Leading the way in sustainable innovation for supply chain practice

Last month Protec were pleased to have received the gold award partner status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. This was the result of hard work and commitment in getting involved with the school, learning and improving on sustainability practices and sharing the knowledge we have gained with other companies in the industry.

At Protec we know the importance of sustainability, particularly within the construction industry, and feel the initiative encouraged by the Supply Chain Sustainability School is vital for the development of responsible supply chain practice and is something that will only grow more important with time.

To learn more about our recent activity with the school take a look at our video below.



Protec’s Sustainability Commitment



  • -Commitment to a safer workplace for its employees and those of its clients ensuring our materials adhere to LPS, Health & Safety and current legislation.


  • -We have a loyal, long term and experienced workforce through a commitment to developing talented employees


  • -Protec will advise on optimum delivery quantities required and help to minimize carbon emissions   on our deliveries.


  • -Ongoing development of our range of re-usable and recyclable materials to support our client’s reduction in waste

  • -Protec are committed to improving sustainable procurement working with our own supply chain to influence the most carbon efficient and sustainable sourcing. We also ensure local and national legislation is completely adhered to in all circumstances


  • -We continuously support local employment, our communities and various charities to ensure we have a positive effect in our immediate environment

Achievements so far:

-Allocated roles and responsibilities for addressing the sustainability challenge within the company, and now have dedicated weekly slots to discuss progress and increase knowledge and competence.

-Established quarterly sustainability workshops attended by various employees throughout the company, with representation at board level.

-Developed a new sustainability policy, a series of targets and a corresponding timeframe

-Evaluated and revised our supply chain questionnaire so as to incorporate sustainability standards for all of our supplier including those outside the UK.

For more information on our commitments to sustainable practice then feel free to contact Edit Fillingham on 0800 834 704.

ISG Fundraising for Cancer Research UK – Cycling the ‘Way of the Roses’

ISG are currently working with Trafford College on a major scheme to redevelop their Talbot Road campus. The College is currently supporting a local Cancer Research UK project, the ‘More Tomorrows’ campaign, to fund the construction of a new research institute, built on site of The Christie. Providing more vital space, the new groundbreaking laboratories will attract more scientists, enabling them to make more life saving discoveries, faster.


Tim Brice of ISG and a number of colleagues undertook the ‘Way of the Roses’ challenge, covering 170 miles, to support the Trafford College team in raising funds for this important local cause. The challenge consisted of a spectacular ‘coast to coast’ cycle route from Morecambe Bay to Bridlington Bay. Ten keen cyclists from ISG took part in the gruelling challenge from 9 – 11 May 2013, with supply chain partners, including Protec International Ltd, providing sponsorship.

Well done to Tim and the rest at ISG who took part, we hope you had a great time and were happy to sponsor such a worthwhile cause. The sponsor page is still open so anybody interested in donating to can do so here.


Protec International have some strong links overseas and export temporary protection products for building sites all across Europe, Asia and the U.S. Outside of the U.K and U.S, where temporary protection isn’t often used, it is normally the case where we need to educate people on the benefits of temporary protection. This was the case in Equatorial Guinea. A forward thinking contractor based in the region knew temporary protection would be beneficial in limiting accidental damage to fixtures and fittings and keeping their build schedule on time, so sought Protec International’s help on the best solutions for the job. We talked through the specific problems being faced and an order for various items of floor and door protection were soon on their way to the middle of Africa!

No matter where you are in the world please get in touch if you need to discuss solutions regarding temporary protection for building sites.

Protecting Construction sites from cold weather.

The majority of the UK has been put on either Yellow or Amber cold weather alert. Protec has also experienced construction clients having to prepare against the ice and rain with various temporary protection materials on the building site.

With increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow.

Unlike weather such as rain snow is insidious often sneaking in overnight and disrupting the building site through requiring clearing of access ways and, when coupled with wind, finding its way into buildings, melting and subsequently causing possible water damage to floors.

Temporary protection materials can help prevent snow entering anywhere it shouldn’t, protect building materials and speed up any jobs clearing the snow away.

  • Make sure all opening are covered. Protec supply various forms of plastic sheeting such as 500 gauge Polythene, Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting or Barrier Sheeting which can be secured over openings (doors, windows and vents that are yet to be completed). They are all strong, waterproof and durable protection materials that will withstand wind, sleet and snow. This can be fixed in place using a strong adhesive 100mm Cloth Tape or with staples if possible. To be extra sure Proplex Window & Door Sill protectors can be butted up at the bottom of a door to stop anything blowing beneath it.
  • Cover all materials and work. Large format protection coverings are ideal used indoors and outdoors to cover any work or materials being stored. Barrier Sheeting or Promesh HD are both supplied in 4m x 50m rolls so a large area can be covered and protected so that if there is any snow fall anything beneath will remain snow-free.
  • Ice Reduction. Protec Handrail Protector and Protec Bubble wrap are great for wrapping around external handrails so as to provide a non slip surface that snow and ice can be brushed off easily.

These simple tasks should help time spent battling snow and ice on a building site and help protect any valuable building materials. We are very enthusiastic in hearing any clients’ new ideas to help construction sites in cold weather so please let us now any tips or call us if you need any advice on any other issues brought up by cold weather on site.

Our next few blogs will also address some other weather issues a building site may come up against so keep your eye out to find out how to protect your site in the wet and windy months ahead.

November 2012 is seeing an exclusive opportunity for the general public to take a look inside some of the UK’s most exciting construction sites

On the 9th and 10th November, across England, Scotland and Wales, 91 sites will be opening their doors for tours as part of a pilot project – ‘Open Doors’  – on behalf of the construction industry

The aim of Open Doors is to help show Construction in an exciting and engaging way while presenting some of the opportunities of working in such a dynamic industry. The project will also demonstrate the economical importance of the construction industry on a national and regional scale.

The UK Contractors Group (UKCG), CITB-ConstructionSkills, The Considerate Constructors Scheme and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) have all partnered together to trial this scheme.

Some of the sites included in the project are the Olympics Aquatic Centre by Balfour Beatty, Tate Modern extension by Mace, Skanska’s Brent Civic Centre in North London, Leeds Arena by BAM and Carillion’s Southmead Hospital in Bristol. These represent just some of the 23 major construction employers that are taking part in this year’s pilot.

Stephen Ratcliffe, Director, UK Contractors Group who was speaking on behalf of the Open Doors Partnership, commented: “Construction is undergoing rapid change and needs to develop a skilled workforce to meet the challenges it faces. Nowadays construction is more about careers than jobs and the expected increase in demand for specialist and management roles in the next few years means that we need quality talent entering the industry now to fill these future positions.

“‘Open Doors’ is a unique opportunity for the industry collectively to display the complexity and scope of modern construction projects and give people a taste of what it’s really like to work in the industry today. It’s an exciting initiative which we hope will encourage more people to consider construction as a prospective career with good opportunities.

“The scheme will also allow the industry to engage with local communities and strengthen relationships at a local level. What the public will see is a skilled, sophisticated and progressive industry – the Open Doors weekend will is certain to challenge perceptions.”

Protec International are doing their part in trying to help with the project by offering their clients who are taking part branded temporary protection materials to help keep the sites protected and safe throughout the duration of the project.

If you want more information on the contractors and sites taking part or want to register then visit http://www.opendoorsweekend.co.uk

Our Scoreline Football Competition, exclusive to Protec customers, has got off to a flying start.

We have already got past our first, 4 week, Manager of the Month competition with a host of winners all receiving Amazon Vouchers.

In 1st Place: Liam Martin

      Runner-Up: Darren Bell

      Runner-Up: Clive Brook

      Runner-Up: Michelle Blaymire

      Runner-Up: Martin Kingston

      Runner-Up: Sean Ringrose

      Runner-Up: Steve Whitaker

We are now halfway through the second Manager of the Month competition and have just added a new function where you can track your monthly performance as well as the overall leaderboard. Good luck this weekend and see how far up the table you can get to be in for a chance of this month’s prizes!


Last week Protec attended the Toolfair exhibition at Coventry Ricoh Arena.

We were showing off our new door-way dust seal, ZipDoor. With lots of tradesman varying from builders and electricians to joiners everyone was pleased to see a very quick and cost effective solution to limiting dust travelling around a house when carrying out any messy work. Usually this is a problem point that is resolved by using dust sheets and tapes however this is never as simple as it sounds with dust sheets often being heavy and falling down and not to mention getting very dirty with continual use. All of this is a clear indication of the benefits of ZipDoor but the overiding factor that brought people to purchase the product was its professional look when using it in a residential/domestic setting. Whereas a dust sheet can look unprofessional and messy people loved how ZipDoor looked when used and clearly saw how their clients would appreciate it being brought along to a job. Within an industry when so much business is based upon reputation and referrals ZipDoor is a perfect addition to any tradesmans arsenal of tools.

Visit the product page here and give one a try, we know you won’t be dissapointed.

Protec are again attending the Toolfair Exhibition, this time around its in Coventry!

We will be showing off our new product, ZipDoor, at the Ricoh Arena where we will be running demonstrations and offering it at a discounted tradeshow price!

So if you’re a tradesman in Coventry, come and give us a visit, we will be at stand G16.