Protecting ManholesProtecting Manholes on site with Hi Vis Protectors - A customer review

It is always great when a customer gives you positive reviews on your products and that was certainly the case with this review of our Hi-Vis Manhole Protector. We’ve copied the review below so you can take a look and would highly recommend trying one out for yourself on site if you need to effectively mark any manholes or other safety risk areas.

Ppic safety



5 stars

by P Tongue, 23 Jan 2013

Usage: PPIC protection/slips, trips and falls

Opinion: As a freelance site engineer/contractor I have witnessed such problems with accidents involving lightweight/unstable covers prior to projects being finished, this is a superb idea and product, such that on some contracts it has been required to add extra sections (eventually being surplus to requirements and expensive) up to a height of 1m above ground to avoid workers ‘accidentally’ tread/stepping on these potential hazards during the construction phase.

Hi-Vis Scaffold Tubing Used For Acrow Props

Protec have specialised in scaffold protection for a long time and one of our popular products are hi-vis scaffold protection tubes used to wrap around the scaffolding so they are easily seen by passers-by as well as providing a cushioned protection. We have recently supplied the foam scaffold tubing to a contractor who was using them in a very similar application which was to wrap around internal Acrow Props. Acrow props are often used as temporary support for internal ceilings and benefit from the protection our hi-vis scaffold tubing provides along with making them easily identifiable due to the bright colouring. While being used they are vital to the temporary support of a building so any further protection is greatly appreciated.

Are you working with Acrow props? Why not try our hi-vis scaffold tubing to protect them during construction work.

Hi Vis Manhole CoverIn recent years Protec have worked hard to develop inventive and practical protection solutions on site and in few instances is this more apparent than with the range of external protection products that are aided in their purpose of protection by being produced in Hi Visibility Yellow.

Awareness and Visibility are important aspects in creating a safe and accident free environment on site and with the progressive use of Hi Vis on sites both in PPE, vehicles and equipment it was only a matter of time before Protec developed Hi Vis products.
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