It is often the case grass is ruined after a festival or protection materials are thrown away after an event due to the heavy beating they receive. However, Protec’s Tracktile is a popular choice for beer festival grass protection. These are gridded tiles that are often used as a base for temporary outdoor parking in fields at music festivals or even permanent fixtures behind modern bars. Tracktile are perfect for the job as they will allow water to pass through them (note it is probably the case you will need one of the above products to lay beneath it) but provide unrivalled grip for the busy bartender!

It is a common enquiry at Protec to supply suitable temporary floor protection for a lot of  different events too. It isn’t the simplest solution as there can often be spillages and subsequent wet floors, particularly behind the bar where staff are working and pulling pints. Due to this it is vital that a degree of anti-slip is present on the material. A common product we provide is Tekgard TK200 Polythene Sheeting which is embossed for anti-slip protection and comes on a 1.6m x 62.5m roll for easily covering large areas. This should prove suitable in the majority of cases, however if you are aware that there is going to be a considerable amount of foot traffic then sometimes a heavier duty material is needed. For these cases then we would recommend Promesh which is an interwoven fabric on a 2m x 50m roll and is sufficiently heavy duty for even the busiest of foot traffic.

Protec also supplies Carpet Protectors which are the ultimate Party Floor Coverings!

For any enquiries on the best temporary protection for your event please give us a call on 0800 834 704 and our team can give you some tailor-made advice.

If you have damaged a floor during a renovation or refurbishment project, you will understand the dreaded feeling of having to explain to your customer what happened and then paying an excessive amount for the damage to the floor to be repaired.

Protec, the leading supplier of temporary protection materials in the UK, is a specialist in floor protectors. From working with building service companys, site managers and DIY’ers for over 20 years, Protec has specialists who can use their wealth of experience to help you to find the perfect solution, no matter what your project needs are.

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Coverguard - Heavy Duty, Flame Retardant Floor Protection

Ensuring your floor does not get damaged during a construction or renovation project is essential. Effective use of floor coverings is the best way to ensure that the end result is flawless. However, choosing the wrong floor protector can be worse than not using one at all.

At Protec, we can advise the best floor protectors based on your project’s specific demands. These five considerations are aimed at helping you to get the best Temporary Floor Protection:

1)    Floor Type:

Every floor has different properties and therefore may require a different type of protection. For example, it is highly recommended to use breathable floor protection on newly laid wooden floors as they require permeable membranes for curing. Breathershield was designed specifically for wooden floors to allow them to breathe whilst protecting from scratches, scuffs and stains.

2)     Exposure: 

The duration your floor protection will be required, any elements it may be exposed to and the overall footfall/volume of traffic will determine how durable you need the floor protector to be. For example, it is not recommended to use a protection film for projects when light/medium wheeled traffic (cherry pickers, scissor lifts etc) will be in operation. Coverguard is one of our most durable floor protectors which makes it perfect for more demanding, long-running projects.

3)    Flame Retardant:

Every year there are numerous major fires on construction sites and in buildings undergoing refurbishment. The Fire Protection Association’s Joint Code of Practice requires that all Temporary Protection Materials used in construction and refurbishment projects must be Flame Retardant and conform to the requirements of the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1207, LPS 1215 or Certifire. They must also have the relevant LPCB or Certifire marking and certificate number printed on the material.Choose a Flame Retardant floor protector which is Certifire approved.

4)    Ease of Application & Removal: 

Make sure you read the product reviews. Cheap floor protectors can be difficult to apply or leave a tacky residue when removed, which can mean you end up spending more time cleaning up afterwards, or even damage the floor.

5)    Prevent Slips and Trips:

Using a good quality self-adhesive floor protector is the safest way to prevent from slips and trips which you may get by using dust sheets. Using the correct floor protection can protect your staff, customers and the flooring from any damage and injuries.

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Proplex used for protecting school hall floors during exams

A High School in London has used Proplex 5mm Black Recycled Sheets (1.2m x 2.4m) to protect the schools hall during various functions. The Rigid 5mm sheets provide great impact resistance to chairs and foot traffic while staying lightweight and easy to carry.

The sheets were originally bought in 2011 and due to their strength and durability are still being re-used today. Typically, in a full school year they are used for Christmas Mock Exams, Key Stage 3 exams, GCSE’s but also Open Evenings and Parents Evenings. The sheets are used to cover whole floor areas but also for specific walkways too.

School Gym Floor Protector

From the Customer

“Proplex is much better to use than say dust sheets or a product on a Large Roll as it’s light weight and easy to carry through doors which is important. It can be Re-used and is still in good condition from 3 years ago. If I need to do some painting work in the school I also use them to cover the floor”

If you need help protection your school hall floor during exams or other functions please call 0800 834 704 for advise on our various floor protection products.

BreatherShield FRBreathable floor coverings for expensive flooring

BreatherShield FR offers breathable and effective temporary coverings to floor surfaces such as newly laid wood, marble and stone.

Our experience of temporary protection and wide client base has taught us a lot on how to protect floors and a very common requirement is protecting very expensive flooring. High end timber, marble and stone flooring is unique in regards to that it requires protection whilst also needing to breathe. Any protection material also needs to be of a non-abrasive nature so it won’t leave any marks. Breathershield FR is an ideal choice for expensive floor protection as it offers these features and, when compared against the potential repair costs to a damaged marble floor, very cost effective.

Don’t suffocate newly laid floors or leave them vulnerable to damage in fit-out environments – let them breathe easy with BreatherShield FR.

Tape ApplicatorProtec  Tape Applicators save you a great deal of time when applying tape to your construction or building site.If you are buying adhesive tape we would strongly recommend using these tape applicator guns to aid you with joining temporary protection boards. Protec’s tape gun applicators will save both time and the frustration of finding the end of the tape!

The tape applicators are heavy duty and designed to last, they can be re-used again and again.

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New Home Redecorating Plastic FlooringDuring the redecorating process it has become apparent that plastic protection in the form of Protec Proplex, Promesh, Barrier sheeting and Carpetshield are all highly superior to cotton Dust Sheets or bits of old curtain and carpets.

In one room in the house the existing carpet has been left down unprotected (as it is ultimately going to be removed to expose the wooden flooring underneath). This has so far offered protection against wall paper paste and dust and debris but unlike the Proplex in the next room (which is protecting an exposed wooden floor) it has quickly become dirty and is very difficult to clean.
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Breathable Floor Protection For Varying Surfaces

A lot of customers are familiar with our temporary floor protection but aren’t necessarily aware of the breadth of our range and the varying solutions to specific floor types. A common issue is temporary floor protection for floors such as timber/wood that require impact protection but also the ability to breathe and allow any moisture to escape. The perfect fit for the job is Protec Breathershield. Not only is it applied very easily by rolling out and taping together but it provides brilliant protection while also allowing the surface to breathe. One customer, Stewart Nesbit, who regularly lays tiles of varying material such as stone and wood loves the product and sent us in these pictures of him using it on the job. Take a look at our product pbreathable floor protectionage or call our enquiry team for more information on 0800 834 704.

Protecting Ceramic Tiles Around Airport Baggae Carousels

We have had a number of requests over the years for contractors working in airports and notably one area that comes up where there is a great need for floor protection materials is maintenance and repair of baggage collection carousels in airports. The machines and their parts are large and heavy and as they’re normally surrounded by finished ceramic tiles, of the sort that are often found in airports, accidental damage to the surrounding floors can be common when ‘Dead-Banding’ . When it comes to ceramic hard floor tiles and heavy equipment your best bet is always to use a material with some sort of impact protection. We would normally advise a thick, either 4mm-5mm Proplex corrugated plastic sheeting.

Most jobs and their environments vary, so there is never one solution fits all with temporary protection. If you are ever in doubt of what to use to protect the surrounding environment when conducting maintenance, repair, refurbishment or construction work then give our customer service team a call on 0800 834 704 and they will be able to offer their expert advice.

How to choose the correct type of flooring protection for your contract flooring job

Protection of interior floor finishes is often required on both new and refurbishment projects. Fast track programmes often include floor coverings installed prior to the completion of work by other trades and, to reduce the risk of damage, proper protection materials should be considered.

When you’re looking for Floor Protection, there are many things to take into consideration before choosing which product you will use. We are frequently asked by our customers for advice on which products will provide the best protection in certain working environments.

Choosing the correct floor protection for your needs

There are many forms of temporary protection; a product fit for purpose should be selected after considering the following points:

  • Surface requiring protection
  • Site conditions and site traffic
  • Length of time a surface requires protection prior to handover

It is important that the right form of temporary protection is used, depending on these factors, as an incorrect choice of floor protection may result in poor performance, a need to replace protection more frequently, resulting in higher overall costs as well as adding time to your build, not to mention the possibility of actually damaging the flooring it was originally supposed to protect. Continue reading