Proplex for the Crafts Industry; a fantastic alternative to corrugated card

Our Proplex Plastic sheeting has recently been used by an arts and crafts supplier with great feedback. The customer supplies organisations such as schools, holiday clubs and Brownies and recommends using 2mm Proplex instead of corrugated card for any number of art and crafts activities. The material cuts really easy and doesnt leave a sharp edge when cut as well as being more durable, flexible and doesn’t go soggy when used with PVA glue!

So next time you are on your next art project, having fun with arts and crafts or run a kids club and need some material to work with, try Proplex!

Proplex plastic sheeting used as the basis of a screen for a quick drying area for timber products

Recently a timber mouldings company approached us for a solution to help build a quick drying room for their products including Handrails, Timber Columns, Skirtings among other items. The requirement was for plastic sheeting that was lightweight and durable to be used as a screen for the quick drying area. The frame work for the drying area was created using wood and then our Proplex plastic sheeting was used to make the screen by being stapled to the inside of the frame. Another important factor was the need for the material to meet LPS1207 which was met by our Proplex FR grade material. The Proplex was perfect for the job and the client was drying their timber materials in no time, job well done.

Materials Appropriate for Screed Protection While Curing During Sub Floor Preparation

We provide floor protection for all applications and in particular it is worth noting some of our products that are great for specifically protecting screed floors while curing during sub floor preparation. Our FR Felt, FR Breathershield and Proplex FR are great products to protect the curing screeding during Sub Floor preparation stages. Lots of flooring contractors do this and will be using products like Ply, Hardboard which are not ideal and need a better alternative. This is where Protec can help and recommend one of the previously mentioned products which have all had great feedback for this application from a series of clients.

For advice on the material best used for your situation then feel free to contact our very knowledgable Sales Team on 0800 834 704

Protec are pleased to announce we are making an appearance at ToolFair Manchester to support our customers involved in smaller scale building projects and want to protect their work and materials from costly damages and replacements.

The event is being held at Event City in Manchester located next to the Trafford Centre and will be launching our new product to the UK, ZipDoor which is a very handy way of sealing off a specific room from dust and dirt. ZipDoor dust seal for doorwayWe are selling ZipDoor off of our stand as well as a number of other products that are great for small to medium residential and commercial construction jobs.

So if you you are a general contractor looking for great products to protect your building work, materials and, ultimately, your reputation then come and say hello and benefit from some great discounted rates!

Door Jambs:

door frame protection

Foam Door Jambs can be used to safeguard your door frame fixtures and prevent costly replacements or repairs as doors are often exposed to tools and equipment which leads to door frame damage.

Door Sleeves:

door protection sleeveOnce your door frame protectors are in place, Door Sleeves can be used to slide over a door and provide complete temporary door protection without the need for fixing with tape etc.

Cover your timber: wood floor protection

Protecting newly laid timber flooring can be problematic as it often needs to be allowed to release moisture without getting trapped but leaving it uncovered can mean ongoing work could damage your lovely flooring. Breathershield FR has been specially designed by Protec to provide a solution for newly installed timber where it is essential that the moisture is allowed to escape into the atmosphere while at the same time fulfilling LPS1207 Flame Retardant certification

Handrail/Balustrade Protectors:

handrail protectionStairs are often the focal point for foot traffic on buildings with multiple levels and this can mean plenty of equipment, furniture and fittings being carried up and down throughout the build. A wooden handrail or balustrade on the stairs can be easily knocked and dented or scratched by this traffic so it it important to use foam Handrail/Balustrade Protectors on these items that can often be bespoke made and costly to replace


Do you work with wood a lot while on-site? Does the dust from various resizing and alteration of fittings get around various rooms and cause costly clean-up time? ZipWall and ZipDoor provide the ability to screen off specific areas or whole rooms from dust transfer caused by working with timbertemporary screening from dust

Congratulations are in order!!

A member of our sales team, Louise Kane, is getting married very soon and we wanted to send her a congratulations from her Protec family!

She is an extremely valued member of our team and we wish her all the best for the future! Here is a sneaky picture of some of the Protec ladies enjoying the Hen Night celebrations. 

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