1) Protecting Doors While Painting Door Frames.

door protection

Door frame protectors are essential as they often get discoloured and need re-painting. Protec’s Door Protection Sleeves slide over doors and protect from various damage such as paint but we’ve found it is also great for protecting from scratches when moving furniture through doorways.

Buy a pack of 25 Door Sleeves 

2) Protect carpets from paint!carpet protection

Whether you will be painting a room with hard wooden flooring or decorating a living room with a carpet, not taking precautionary care when you are decorating can lead to expensive repairs from either paint accidents or even from wallpaper glue spilling. Getting these products out of carpets, vinyl flooring and wooden floors can be a nightmare. Dust sheets or newspaper can sometimes suffice but the former can often be a trip hazard while the latter can actually end up making more mess than if not used! Protec stock various floor protection whether it’s for wood or carpets that is easy to apply, quick, efficient and leaves your floors free from paint spills and worse!



3) Low-Tack Tape For Taping Off Fixtures

Adhesive tape for finished surfacesTape is a great solution for covering specific areas or fixings such as skirting boards, shelves which are attached to the walls, protecting around plug sockets and around radiators, so you don’t have to worry about having too much of a steady hand when you are painting right to the edge. Although adhesive masking tapes are useful when decorating, people don’t choose tapes carefully. Choosing a Low tack tape is the best solution to ensure that your finished result doesn’t have flakes of paint missing! Protec’s Ultra Low Tack Tape comes in a 100m roll, so you can use it again and again. Order today before 5pm and recieve tomorrow.

Buy Low Tack Tape Here.


4) Stay Clean!

shoe coveringsWhile working with paint or other potentially messy substances then it is easy for the mess to spread. You can safeguard your working area and surrounding house from this by using overshoes and trapmats when leaving a room. This means any dirt accumulated won’t be spread from room to room and contains the mess!

Door Frame Protection
Door Frame Protection with Protec

Door Frame Protection From Protec.

Door Edge Protectors save time and money from accidental damage.  Protec offer a range of Foam Door Jambs to protect frames from accidental knocks and scratches. Protec’s door frame protectors also have high impact resistance. Protec’s Door Jambs are a 2m one-size fits all product which are simply wrapped around the frame and cling to it without need for additional fixings such tape or ties.

So next time you are on a job and are worried about damage or replacing doorframes then look no further than Protec’s Door Jamb Protector.

Perimeter Fence Screening for Music Festival.

Protec have recently supplied some Heras Fence Screening to an 80’s Music Festival! Although our materials are specifically for the construction industry we are more than happy to provide help for applications that are outside of our core industry. The festival is family friendly and required a security fence for the perimteter of the site and our vented temporary fence screening was ideal for the job!

With artists like Billy Ocean, Go West, Boney M and Heaven 17 It looks to be a great event for any 80’s music lovers and we are happy to play our small part in helping the event organisers.

Hi-Vis Scaffold Tubing Used For Acrow Props

Protec have specialised in scaffold protection for a long time and one of our popular products are hi-vis scaffold protection tubes used to wrap around the scaffolding so they are easily seen by passers-by as well as providing a cushioned protection. We have recently supplied the foam scaffold tubing to a contractor who was using them in a very similar application which was to wrap around internal Acrow Props. Acrow props are often used as temporary support for internal ceilings and benefit from the protection our hi-vis scaffold tubing provides along with making them easily identifiable due to the bright colouring. While being used they are vital to the temporary support of a building so any further protection is greatly appreciated.

Are you working with Acrow props? Why not try our hi-vis scaffold tubing to protect them during construction work.

The amount of materials wasted on site and its cost can add up!

On average 5-10% of building materials are wasted on construction sites during builds.

This is down to a number of reasons but some of the key issues are:

  • Damage when subsequent work is carried out on site
  • Damage to materials while in transit
  • Incorrect or unsafe storage while waiting to be used/fitted

Depending on what material this is it could become rather costly. Imagine a small bathroom refurbishment on a residential home. The new bespoke bath has been fitted and then an accident occurs and it has been chipped or damaged, subsequently needing to be replaced which means a new lead time on a replacement causing delays in the original schedule and not to mention the cost, which on a small project could mean the difference in making a profit or not.

Alternatively there could be a large commercial build in a school or somewhere similar. Large amounts of equipment being carried throughout the building and being manoeuvred through doorways could mean maybe 15% of the door frames in the entire building need replacing after being dented or knocked. Maybe there is a large sheet of curtain walling that has been chipped resulting in the whole piece needing a replacement. On a large scale project these overheads can add up and suddenly your wastage has become a real cost.

Temporary protection for construction is now so comprehensive that near enough any material or application has a solution where it can be protected while on the site, being stored, during construction and while other works are ongoing after it has been fitted.

So the bottom line is no matter how big or small a project, damage to materials and its subsequent waste can mean costly replacements and also delays, not to mention the recycling of waste which is more difficult with some materials than others. Temporary protection materials are clearly marked with their recycling methods and the majority can be re-used where something like a broken bath or handrail cannot.

So on your next project take a look and see whether you can afford to not protect your site and its materials.

Sealing an entrance or doorway for the best dust containment with ZipDoor

Whether it is a small DIY project, home remodeling, or large commercial build the issue of dust travelling around a building can be a major issue. A couple of blog artciles back we posted a video of how to use ZipWall to temporarily partition sections of a room to conatin dust and dirt, but if it is a whole room your are working in and an open doorway that needs blocking  then ZipDoor is the easy solution! We are launching the product at the end of June at the Manchester Toolfair exhibition and are keen to show its benefits for small jobs at home, commercial or residential builds or refurbs. So keep a look out and if you’re interested then feel free to post your comments below or on our facebook page where you will find the video! https://www.facebook.com/ProtecTemporaryProtection

Check out the new video on our facebook page or watch it on our YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo8r6mtLY9c

ZipDoor Video – dont forget to like the video or even share it!

Proplex Plastic Sheeting Been Used For Mountain Bike Frame Protection While Being Transported

Protec’s Proplex is a great material for surface protection on construction sites against foot traffic, impact damage and general building environment but it can be extended to protection all manner of objects. We recently supplied a biking club with Proplex 5mm to help protect their bikes in a van while being transported to their biking destination.

For general protection of goods in transit, Proplex performs brilliantly and as it is easy to cut and re-shape can be prepared to fit nearly any application!

However, we would recommend contacting one of our team for the best protection materials for your need.

For more information on our materials please contact us on 0800 834 704.

Dirt Trap Mats Help You  Make The Right Impression

In an industry reliant on quality and reputation, why not make the right impression from the outset with our Trapmats.

An entrance to a site is where the judgement begins and the effort to ensure a reputation of professionalism can be made even here not to mention demonstrating the forward thinking to protect against costs and overheads associated with damages and clean-up time. Protec provide different types of Trapmats:  Heavy Duty which is 610mm x 915mm and has 36 cotton sheets per mat which provide a strong adhesive surface to trap dust and dirt on contact in addition to our Standard offering which is 625mm x 1120mm and has 30 poly sheets per mat coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Being low profile means they are easy to move and place where needed as the work goes on. Now available from our website here, trap dust and dirt.

Brick Protection during building work in the rain.

Living in Britain brings its own unique relationship with our unpredictable weather and the effect it has on industries such as building and construction can be rather annoying. One day of glorious sun only to be followed by a day with torrential rain can cause interruptions to build schedules and even damage to things such as masonry and brickwork. A large amount of rain collecting on a roof and then pouring off onto the foundations or other areas can cause excessive amounts of damage and the best way to get around this is to install temporary downpipes onto the roof and guttering and then direct the water to a location on the ground away from vulnerable areas.

The Temporary Downpipe is supplied on a 200m and has a 254mm opening which makes it suitable for almost any downpipe opening. Furthermore the Temporary Downpipe is supplied with 25 350mm Cable Ties to secure the Downpipe to the opening of the guttering down to the size required.

For further information please contact the Protec Customer Services team on 0800 834 704 or why not order your Downpipe online today.