Our Proplex Plastic Sheeting is great material for all sorts of applications. Here are some examples:

Bathroom Protection: Preformed Proplex designed to cover various bathroom fittings. Easy install and provides great protection for when fitting re-decorating or refurbishments

Bathroom: Sink, Bidet and Bath

General Protection (Floors, Walls and Worktops) -

2.4m x 1.2m Proplex Sheets

Use: For standard protection against impact damage. Easily cut, creased and bent. Great for protecting floors with minimal foot traffic   or applying vertically to walls. As it is easily cut and creased these sheets are perfect for altering the size to fit worktops or various other surfaces

Use: Higher degree of impact resistance, ideal for protecting floors with occasional heavy traffic

Use: For protecting Heavy traffic or extremely high value flooring Continue reading

Don’t forget to protect these areas of your home when redecorating, moving home or renovating!

Stair Banister rails

Handrails and balustrades are also some of the most often damaged points of the home when a house move is underway! Carrying furniture downstairs can be very tricky and one slip or drop can mean it will put a huge dent in your handrail or balustrade. Simple foam handrail protection can be applied and you don’t have to worry about your stair fixings and can concentrate getting that wardrobe around that corner stair landing!


To ensure carpets aren’t damaged while moving or even simply decorating your new home people often use things like dustsheets or old coverings to protect floor but they can cause some serious trip hazards particularly on stairs or when carrying some heavy furniture. Here is a great video of our carpet protection which is a lot more effective, efficient and safe than any traditional dustsheet! Continue reading

Protec supply a comprehensive range of fixing adhesive tape to suit all applications. Whether you need building tape or construction tape, Protec’s tapes are to be used for jointing or sticking to finished surfaces. Protec can even supply custom printed tape and can source tapes including Packaging tapes, cloth (gaffa /duct) tape, PVC electrical tapes, low tack tapes and many others.

Sometimes, with the vast array of different tapes available, it is not clear which one would be best for the job. Here is a short guide by application on which tape should suit your needs.

Joining Materials or sheeting together?

Sticking to finished surfaces?

Tape for Hazards

  • Barrier Tape: Red and white striped tape for high visibility to represent a barrier
  • Hazard Warning Tape: Yellow and black striped tape for high visibility to represent a hazardous area
  • Anti-Slip Tape: For situations with high foot traffic or risk of fall, great for applying to floor protection used on stairs

General Use

  • Masking Tape: Standard making tape for general adhesive requirements

Scaffolding doesn’t have to be ugly! At Protec we supply a lot of materials to contractors of all sizes and many request a lot of these, particularly scaffold sheeting or fence screens, to be branded with their logo. This is often a simple logo print with maybe some other details however we recently had a request for something altogether much more interesting. Work on a public or historic building that is often still open and accommodating visitors while under refurbishment or construction can look unsightly and detract from the visitor’s experience. Hiding scaffolding or other works completely is often not possible but you can definitely try and blend it in. We recently supplied our Printed Banner to Woburn Abbey which has been the home of the Dukes of Bedford for nearly 400 years. When work was planned to go ahead on the building a solution was needed to keep the scaffolding on the side of the building as unobtrusive as possible as there were still planned visits and events such as weddings taking place. The banners are an ideal, cost-effective solution for promotional purposes to create a big visual impact. We produce full colour, digitally printed banners at low prices. PVC banners of any size can be made using single or multiple images, company logos or even photographs. There are no colour limitations, and virtually any effect can be re-produced quickly and cost-effectively. Our vinyl banners are water-resistant, UV-resistant, printed with UV stable inks and are finished with strengthened eyelets.

New kitchen and bathroom installations can be very costly. Of course, it’s all relative, but as areas of a house to re-fititems such as sinks, baths and worktops rank highly in the cost stakes particuarly is they are bespoke items with large lead times. The cost of damage therefore can be comparatively high also. That’s why, our range of kitchen & bathroom protection products are among our best sellers. So which of your new prized possessions can you protect during the installation, and what should you be using?




Protec Polythene, Keep your site covered with our Plastic Sheeting

Whether it is lining a pond, covering building materials, lining a shed or screening off a specfic area the range of Polythene offered by Protec will satisfy the requirements of the majority of temporary screening and covering applications with a versatile range of polythene suited to numerous scenarios. When reviewing the Protec Polythene it may be useful to divide them into Flame Retardant and Non Flame Retardant in order to assess the viability of the different product offerings. After all, each product is different and has properties that lend themselves better to certain applications than others.

Amongst the Flame Retardant Polythene there is a Light (260 gauge), Medium (308 gauge) and Heavy (800 gauge) Duty grade all of which are certificated to LPS1207 and therefore fully flame retardant. As a consequence of their flame retardant properties this polythene is white in colour which is favoured in applications where screening areas wants to obscure visibility. The three thickness of this FR Polythene in the three grades in large format 4m rolls ensures that large areas can be covered or screened quickly and effectively provided a barrier to reflect the environment it is being used in. Continue reading

How to line your pond with Protec 1000 Guage Polythene

We have recently had requirements of our polythene for lining a garden pond. Our 1000 Gauge Polythene Sheeting is perfect for the job so here we have a quick guide on how to line your beautiful new pond.

Step One – Calculate how much liner/polythene sheeting you need

You need to determine how much polythene sheeting you will require for your pond, including the length, width and depth. Once you have these measurements, add a foot on both in length and width to ensure that it will not be too short, you can then purchase your polythene sheeting Continue reading

Protec in the West End!

A number of clients have been purchasing Protec’s Proplex Sheeting for backdrops in various theatre productions as well as using it for stage scenery like our recent blog where a designer, Mike Rogers, created movable screens which represented different locations during the production . The material, particularly in black, provides outstanding performance for stage use whether it’s creating a darkened back screening or even, in some instances, for cut out props etc. The 2mm grade is easily bent/cut for creating any number of shapes and the higher 4mm grade is rigid enough to stand as a screen. When the black version is used it is also great for blocking out light! Continue reading

 How ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’ utilised Protec’s Plastic Sheeting

“You Me Bum Bum Train, a very unusual name for what is a very unusual theatrical experience. This is its fifth staging and every time the experience is unique and totally immersive. This year the event was based in a discussed Royal Mail sorting office in the heart of London. A massive space that was taken over to allow for 21 unique scenes through which the audience member proceeds (on their own).

Continue reading

How to protect your carpets with Protec Carpet Protector

Whether you’re having a party, decorating, renovating or have messy pets,  carpets can be expensive to clean and even more expensive to replace so here is a video on how to protect your carpets with Protec’s Carpet Protector.