Scaffold SheetingProscaff Scaffold Sheeting for Weather Protection.

Winter is upon us and so is the bad weather. Protect your new build against bad weather by covering up your brickwork with Proscaff. Not only is proscaff fully waterproof and has good light permeability, the re-inforced nature of these sheeting allows for easy fixing such as nailing or stapling onto frames, as other polythene products will rip when applied in the same manner.

We have recently recommended the use of our Proscaff FR Scaffold Sheeting and Barrier Sheet to cover up window and door spaces against driving rain and wind.

Also don’t forget to stock up on temporary downpipe to protect the walls against rain and hessian to cover up freshly laid brickwork!

Rigid Stair TreadsRigid Stair Treads are a popular way to effectively protect staircases from damage, withstanding the toughest traffic.

Did you know Protec can make bespoke custom sizing to suit your application?

Did you know we can also make them in various colours too? Often Yellow is popular for hi-visibility.

This goes for the Standard Grade and Flame Retardant too.

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5 reasons to use Automatic Overshoes Dispenser:

Overshoes Dispenser

  1. Allows hands-free fitting of overshoes, no need to bend down, sit down, or even touch your toes
  2. Automatic Dispenser holds 100 overshoes and is quick and easy to re-load
  3. The overshoes dispenser is designed to the highest standards and can be used across a range of industries for multiple events; show house viewings, contractors with muddy shoes and hospital wards needing to prevent the spread of germs.
  4. Starter pack comes with aluminium cased dispenser, 100 disposable overshoes and free carry case, re-fill packs (2,000 overshoes)also available

Door ProtectionYou many not be aware that Proplex can be used for Bathroom ProtectionProplex easy to assemble flat pack units protect your sanitary items, baths, basins, WCs and even shower trays. A rigid twin-walled product available in sheets or rolls, Proplex is both lightweight and extremely strong. The product is waterproof and combines excellent compression and impact resistance, providing outstanding protection for the duration of any project. Proplex can also be custom printed and is available in a wide range of sizes and colours

But did you know Proplex has many, many uses? Here are a few more to inspire you: Continue reading

Floor ProtectionThere are many things to consider when protecting your floors, here are just 5 main things to get you started. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask and we’ll be sure to give you the best of our technical expertise in return.

  1. What type of floor?
    We offer a wide range of protection products suitable for most floor types. Go to to see what’s currently available for the type of floor you have to protect. If your specific floor type is not shown, please call us on Freephone 0800 834 704 or try the live chat facility on our website and ask a member of our customer service team. Outside of office hours you can e-mail us and we will respond during the course of the morning of the next working day. We pride ourselves on finding a solution for any protection scenarios.
  2. Continue reading

PeelgardCoat, Protect And Peel With PeelGard Window Protection.

Protec Peelgard is one of the most effective methods of protecting glass and frames on construction sites. Having used the product on multiple occasions it is this Bloggers intention to provide 5 key points to helps users get the most out of this product.

  1. The Correct Applicator for the job
    Peelgard can be applied with either an Airless Spray gun or a Lamb’s Wool roller in order to achieve a smooth and even coverage over the glass and frame.
  2. What surfaces can I protect?
    Peelgard has been tested for use on a multitude of non-porous surfaces so Powder Coated Aluminium and UPVC are protected securely without fear of damage when the Peelgard is removed.
  3. PeelgardProtecting surrounding areas from Peelgard
    Peelgard is designed for protection of the window and frame only so it is important to mask off surrounding areas of brick work to protect from over spray. For the protection of brickwork, please use Peelgard Tape. Protec can supply a range of tape and edge protection for most surfaces to ensure that Peelgard is kept off areas it is not intended to protect.
  4. Applying Peelgard
    Easy to apply with either the lambs Wool Roller or Airless Spay Gun, a depth gauge is supplied with each tub to ensure that the 0.1mm depth is achieved.
  5. Removal
    Peelgard can be left in place for up to 6 months and when removed will leave windows cleaner than first applied. The removed Peelgard can then
    be easily disposed of in general waste.