Concrete Column Protection Needed during Transport? Or in Situ?

31 Aug , 2011  

Concrete columns can be very difficult and time-consuming to transport, and often require very specialised arrangements to protect both the column and the vehicle used to transport them. We were asked to help solve this problem with one of our temporary protection materials, and after some research we found that CushionGard FR is the ideal […]

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Charity Work, News

Wilmslow Green Room Simultane-a-thon 03/09/11

30 Aug , 2011  

Once again Protec’s Matt Bird is participating in another theatrical outing but this time for charity in raising money for St Annes Hospice in Wilmslow. The Wilmslow Green Room theatre have organized a Simultane-a-thon which consists of 9 groups of people at 10 separate locations around Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford and Macclesfield. At precisely 12 […]


Spray Paint Booth Protection

30 Aug , 2011  

Peelgard used to protect spray paint booth. We have a product which works great for protection against paint spreading, peelgard. It is a ‘Spray-on’, ‘peel-off’ system, ideal for covering a surface before painting the surroundings, then peeling it off once complete. The original surface is left paint free – it works a treat! Once applied with any […]

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Protec Delivers to MTV Studios for Morgan Sindall! Protec hits the screen!

29 Aug , 2011  

Another entry of our more glamorous projects, we’ve been asked by Morgan Sindall to provide temporary protection materials to the MTV Studios in London! The Studios are undergoing an increase of office floor space, and associated first and second floor extension, an alteration to roof level plant, reconfiguration of doors openings at ground, and first […]


Zipwall open and shut for a staircase

28 Aug , 2011  

We were recently tasked with assisting with a domestic application to screen off landing area whilst staircase was being repaired/refurbished. Our solution was the ZipWall Temporary Screening system, ideal for partitioning off areas to prevent dust and debris from leaving the work area. The opening was sealed using 2 no. 3.66m Zipwall poles, 2 no. […]

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Protec Passes Achilles Certification Process

27 Aug , 2011  

We’re proud to announce that further to our news earlier in the week about passing ISO9001 Certification, we have been fully accredited by Archilles under their BuildingConfidence scheme. BuildingConfidence is a collaborative supply chain accreditation standard designed for the construction industry, providing an effective solution for managing supply chain risk in the areas of safety, […]


Eliminate Dust from Clean Areas with ZipDoors

26 Aug , 2011  

Did you know that you can completely eliminate dust and dirt in Dust Sensitive areas such as food production, healthcare or hospitals by shaping the Heavy Duty Zipdoors to a J shape doorway? Shaping the doorway in this manner is also suitable for sites where excessive dirt/dust is travelled through foot traffic to ensure the […]

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Protec Achieves ISO9001 Certification

25 Aug , 2011  

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved our ISO9001 Certification! This sought-after certification is the world’s most established quality framework for business standards, used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the planet. In the 1950s it was recognised that manufacturing goods to a consistent and acceptable quality demanded proper control of the […]


Videos: ZipWall Reviews for Painting

24 Aug , 2011  

One of the most sought-after uses of ZipWall Temporary Screening is its ability to protect against paint splashes while decorating. Often this involves more time and perhaps even cost in cleaning up. Not with ZipWall. Our latest testimonial comes from John Jacuk of Pro Classic Painting, who also uses ZipWall for a very unusual job.

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Article, Scaffnet

Pedestrian Protection from Falling Debris

23 Aug , 2011  

Protect Pedestrians and employees from debris. Unlike conventional debris netting, Scaffnet Scaffold netting conforms to the requirements of the Joint Code of Practice and passes the BS 7955 standard. Manufactured from flame retardant high density polyethylene, Scaffnet is up to four times stronger than traditional debris netting. Designed to direct debris downwards, Scaffnet scaffolding nets offers protection […]

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