We’ve had some enquiries over the past few days for our tough Scaffold Sheeting from Kazakhstan.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Sheeting, it is great for protecting scaffolds because:

  • It is Flame Retardant and approved to the LPS 1207 and LPS 1215 standard
  • Conforms to BS7955 standard
  • It is made from strong reinforced material to withstand all weather conditions
  • Has a universal fixing system allowing it to be used on any scaffold structure
  • It can be custom-printed

Despite all these great uses, the question still remains, what is Borat doing with it all?

Protec delivered floor protection (Protec Flooring) to the Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin, Scotland featured in the “Da Vinci Code” book and film.

Our specialist floor protection can be used to protect a number of different surfaces, including stone and ceramic, carpet, vinyl, raised floors and screed floors.

Whatever your flooring needs, our temporary floor protection products are guaranteed to be able to help.

Further to the previous post of 12th May Protec Customer Service Team Member Matt Bird appearing in the Amateur Dramatics production of “Nasty Neighbours” at the Daneside Theatre in Congleton.

A successful 4 night run, 25th-28th May, was enjoyed by large audiences on each night including the Mayors of Congleton and Cheshire East.

Special thanks are extended by Matt to friends, family and co-workers who came to watch the play.

The production was adjudicated by The Cheshire Theatre Guild www.ctguild.org.uk and consequently a very positive and constructive critique was provided. Furthermore the Nomads Theatre Group have been asked to stage an excerpt from the play at the upcoming Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards night which is taking place at the Chester Little Theatre on the 13th of July.

Below is a photograph of the cast in play week.

Take away a little of the hassle of moving house by using temporary protection materials.

  • Want to ensure the home you are leaving is left in its intended condition without scrapes and scuffs from movers? Or dirty work boots on carpets?
  • Want to ensure your new house is the same?
  • There is a wide range of affordable temporary protection materials which can aid your move.
  • Protect carpets with trip free protection film for carpets and hard floors, 600mm wide Floor Films
  • Protect newel post, hand rails and door frames with a selection of our foam clip on protection profiles
  • Protec your worktops while clearing out those cupboards with sheets of our work top protector twin wall proplex, these absorb impact and will also protect against scrapes and scuffs.

See our website for other useful items www.protection.co.uk

Cage Warriors Ltd have purchased temporary protection material for use in staging their upcoming event. The CWFC 42 is a LIVE televised event from the Neptune Stadium Cork City on May 28th which will be watched by a 1,500 strong audience and broadcast worldwide via the Sky Network.

A heavy duty 1,000 gauge Black polythene was supplied to block out day light from the sky lights in the venue thus enhancing the atmosphere and preventing daylight from entering the arena area.

You might already be aware that your Fire Retardant Polythene sheeting must be compliant with LPS1207 regulations, but were you also aware that the “antimony-free” claims of some manufactuers are only designed to make you buy more expensive sheeting?

There are simply no foundations to the claims that the substance is dangerous and that you need to purchase antimony-free products.

We’re concerned about this seeming unregulated rumour of how dangerous Antimony Trioxide (ATO) is, so we’ve spoken to the International Antimony Association who have kindly provided us with a fact sheet about ATO, which you can view by clicking on the image to the right.

Quick Facts:

  • ATO is used in many household appliances, industrial electrical installations, optical cables, mains adapters and portable electronics and to fire safe plastic casings, resin circuit boards, switches and components
  • Thousands of lives have been saved and tens of thousands of disfiguring burn injuries have been avoided by the use of antimony trioxide as a flame retardant synergist (Statistics: UK Department of Trade and Industry: Effectiveness of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988. London, June 2000, URN 00/783).
  • ATO’s safety in the production of PET bottles has been confirmed by the World Health Organisation (2003), the European Food Safety Authority (2004), the EU Risk Assessment (2008), the OECD review (2008) and the Canadian Risk Assessment (2010).
  • ATO required no environmental hazard classification. It is not harmful to aquatic organisms. Based on the exposure scenarios reported in the EU RAR and the REACH dossier ATO does not pose a risk to the environment at continental, regional or at local levels.

Read the full report for all details of ATO’s safety.

Custom Printed Building Wraps

We have been asked to supply a full range of custom-printed Flame Retardant materials to an International Main Contractor based in Muscat (Oman) for a selection of their upcoming prestigious projects.

One important thing which needs to be considered when selecting materials, is whether they are flame retardant and conform to the Joint Code of Practice. All of our Flame Retardant products are certified to LPS 1207 or LPS 1215 standards, which will always bear these marks:


  • LPCB Approved to LPS 1207
    Cert.No 364a/01

  • LPCB Approved to LPS 1215
    Cert.No 495b/01

To read more about our Flame Retardant Certification, please click this link.