organic garden protection with scaffnet
Organic garden protection using scaffnet

Protect plants from birds with Scaffnet

This organic garden is using our specialist fire-proof scaffolding debris netting (we call it Scaffnet) for an alternative – and very unique – purpose.

All gardeners growing organic foods are aware that pests in the garden such as birds, aphids, carrot flies, cabbage flies and snails. However,  Protec’s scaffnet has been used by one of our customers to provide a shield for plants to avoid plants from being eaten.

Protect plants using scaffnet
Protect plants from predators using scaffnet

You can use our TPS Polythene sheeting to shield the plants from bad weather and 1000 gauge black polythene for weed control.

What unusual uses do you have for scaffolding nets? Let us know below!

Last week one of our customers visited Protec’s offices prior to purchasing our Zipwall Temporary Screening System and Barrier sheeting for the unusual application of screening off some recessed window spaces to weatherproof prior to installing windows.

It was great to be able to demonstrate the product face to face, meet the person we normally only speak to over the phone and hopefully allowing him to see how brilliantly Zipwall works for these applications.

We’re always trying to give the best service to our customers, and part of that was getting an 0800 number to reach us.

Lately we’ve had a few complaints that our customers who work on site and try to reach us on the 0800 number using their mobile have to pay for the call. This obviously goes counter against our promise to always do the best for our customers, so we’re going to advertise our landline as well as our 0800 number, so you don’t have to pay the premium rate for calling us, just your usual mobile to landline rate.

Our landline is 01625 855 600

Matt Bird, a long time member of the Protec Customer Services Team is appearing in the Nomads Amateur Theatre Company’s production of the play “Nasty Neighbours”, a black comedy by Debbie Isitt.

The play is on at the Daneside Theatre, Park Road, Congleton and runs from 25th-28th May 2011.

As a Black Comedy the play follows three very different couples, their problems and their interactions with each other culminating in explosive consequences.

Tickets can be booked through the Booking Line on 01260271095 or purchased on the door on the night.

We’re delighted to be working with British Flora, the largest native plant producer in the United Kingdom, growing millions of native provenance wild flowers and aquatics annually.

The company, based in High Wycombe, are about to conduct an installation at the Greenwich Peninsula and require protection material to protect an existing carpet and lift area.

They have opted for our specialist Proplex sheeting and polythene to cover and protect their carpets from wheeled traffic whilst plants are transported through an internal area. This will allow them to provide impact protection and cover from dirt, dust and general debris during the installation next week.