The term “like a construction site” isn’t normally used as a compliment! In fact the truth is, a construction site is a dusty and dirty environment where accidental damage happens unless you have proper protection.

One of the most common, and annoying, areas of accidental damage is what can happen to on-site windows and frames which are often costly to clean, repair or replace. In particular splashes from rendering adjacent brickwork can be a persistent problem. What is even more frustrating for the site foreman or building contractor is that normally the damage can be avoided with simple forethought!

Specially developed to protect windows during construction, PeelGard® from Protec is a weather resistant spray-on or roller applied coating which, when dry, forms a skin-tight plastic film over the window and frame. Once construction is complete this coating is simply peeled away to leave the original surface looking and feeling like new.

Unlike inferior imitations, PeelGard®:

  • Is simple & quick to install;
  • Can be applied at any time during construction;
  • Prevents damage for up to 6 months;
  • Has full weather resistant coating;
  • Leaves no residue or need to cleaning after removal;
  • Is produced by a ISO 9001 manufacturer.

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