The term “like a construction site” isn’t normally used as a compliment! In fact the truth is, a construction site is a dusty and dirty environment where accidental damage happens unless you have proper protection.

One of the most common, and annoying, areas of accidental damage is what can happen to on-site windows and frames which are often costly to clean, repair or replace. In particular splashes from rendering adjacent brickwork can be a persistent problem. What is even more frustrating for the site foreman or building contractor is that normally the damage can be avoided with simple forethought!

Specially developed to protect windows during construction, PeelGard® from Protec is a weather resistant spray-on or roller applied coating which, when dry, forms a skin-tight plastic film over the window and frame. Once construction is complete this coating is simply peeled away to leave the original surface looking and feeling like new.

Unlike inferior imitations, PeelGard®:

  • Is simple & quick to install;
  • Can be applied at any time during construction;
  • Prevents damage for up to 6 months;
  • Has full weather resistant coating;
  • Leaves no residue or need to cleaning after removal;
  • Is produced by a ISO 9001 manufacturer.

Find out more about PeelGard® from Protec


Chickens can get cold and muddy in the freezing winter weather. So, how can you keep your hens dry, warm and healthy this winter?


Prevent your pets from getting too cold in winter with DIY roofing
Temporary Roofing with Protec’s Barrier Sheet


Christine from Exeter, who own a brood of hens, contacted Edit Fillingham, Key Account Manager at Protec, for advice on how she could DIY a robust shelter to put over the hens’ coop to protect them from the wind and the rain. The roofing system materials needed to keep her chickens dry, warm and still let light through so that they continue to lay throughout winter.

Edit recommended Protec’s protective Barrier Sheet, 3mm translucent Proplex Sheets and cable ties to secure the shelter. Protec’s barrier sheet is waterproof, wind resistant and durable which makes is ideal for placing as a temporary roofing solution when you need to protect pets.

Christine has been very happy with the results “It lets the light in, so the hens continue to lay well. It is mightily robust: we’ve had gales and still it holds well with just cable ties and some additional ropes to help. Being so snug and – above all – dry, has helped keep the chickens in good health which also means clean eggs.”

Keep your chickens warm this winter
Keep your chickens warm this winter with a Barrier Sheet from Protec


Use Proplex sheets to DIY your own wind barrier to keep your chickens warm this winter
Add some Proplex sheets to your chicken run to keep them warm and protected from the wind. Make sure they still have ventilation into the coop though.
Happy hens in their run.
Happy hens in their run
Keep Chickens warm in winter - how to stop Chickens from getting cold
The roofing protects the chickens from the bad weather so that they are kept warm.
Bright, warm and ventilated DIY Chicken run roofing
Inside the chicken coop there is no mud, so the eggs are kept clean





























If you have birds such as chickens, turkeys or ducks and need help keeping them warm or creating a temporary wind
barrier, please contact Protec or ask us a question on our Facebook / Twitter page.

Hardboard is a high-density engineered wood material traditionally popular for temporary protection in the construction industry and is also popular with trades. Hardboard was initially viewed as an alternative to plywood as it had the benefit of being more cost effective. There is no denying that hardboard is a cheap way to cover floors. However, there is a better floor protection alternative to both hardboard and plywood…

Proplex Sheets - The Super Protectors
Proplex: the Super Plastic Protector

As far back as 1993 when Protec was founded, customers were contacting us as they were fed up with using hardboard sheets to protect flooring; they found hardboard sheets were heavy, difficult to cut and would warp before the end of the project.

Protec sought to provide customers with a lightweight, easy to cut alternative to hardboard which would not warp, even when the product was used on large scale commercial projects.

Proplex is now one of Protec’s best-selling products. Proplex is a heavy duty corrugated plastic sheet manufactured from polypropylene.  Protec has now provided millions of meters squared of Proplex to the construction, trades and domestic markets.

Why are Proplex Protection Sheets and Rolls so popular? The main benefits of using Proplex as your Temporary Floor Protection:

1)      Quick to Apply: Proplex floor protection sheets are extremely lightweight which means that Proplex is easy to apply, move around and remove after you have finished. It also means that Proplex is easier to transport and store both before and after usage.

2)      Cost effective: On Protec’s online site, Proplex 2mm plastic sheets cost from £1.20 per metre squared which is better value per squared metre than Wickes General Purpose Hardboard. However, for the best temporary construction rates create your very own corporate / trade account.

3)      Reusable and Recyclable: With procurement in the construction industry becoming increasingly more focused on sustainability, the Proplex range can assist you with reducing your projects environmental impact and help you to achieve BREEAM targets.

4)      Flame Retardant: The introduction of the Joint Code of Practice on the protection from fire on construction sites states that failure to use flame retardant temporary protection materials on contracts exceeding the value of £2.5 million may lead to uninsured losses. Unlike hardboard and other timber board products, Proplex is fully certified to the Loss Prevention Standard, LPS 1207, the logo can be found printed on our Proplex Sheets shown here.

5)      Waterproof Floor Protection: Proplex sheets, unlike Hardboard sheets, can be used outdoors as it is completely waterproof. Proplex will also prevent indoor flooring from becoming damaged if there is a leak.

Proplex is available in a range of grades, from 2m to 5mm extra heavy duty sheets. Proplex is also available in both black and white. The black Proplex sheets are manufactured using high grade recycled polypropylene.

Still not convinced that you would ever stop using hardboard sheets for your building and construction projects? Why not call us to request a sample of Proplex. Or, if you have used Proplex before, why not leave us a review on our Proplex product pages.

If you are convinced you will start using Proplex sheets, why not help us spread the word about the amazing benefits of using Proplex instead of hardboard sheets by sharing this article with your colleagues.


5 Most Sustainable Temporary Protection Materials

If you look up the antonym of sustainable in a dictionary, you may see the word temporary, suggesting that temporary protection materials can not be sustainable. However, Protec International Ltd have now made temporary ground protectors and floor protectors which are reusable, made from recycled materials and recyclable. Here are our top 5 most sustainable  products:

1)   Sustainable Ground Protection – Track Tile

Tracktile, a heavy duty ground protector, is not only reusable, it is also made from 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable when you have finished with it. Perfect for outdoor usage as the holes allow for the product to be fixed to the ground. It offers anti-slip traction and will deliver long-lasting, extremely heavy-duty protection.

2) Sustainable Flooring – RhinoTile

RhinoTile is also reusable, made from 100% recycled content and it is recyclable. RhinoTile can be used as a ground or floor protector, similar to Tracktile but it comes in a jigsaw shape for quick application and removal. Rhino Tile can be used for festival grass protection, temporary car parks or for protecting floors from heavy machinery.

3) Sustainable Debris Netting – Scaffnet

Scaffnet is flame retardant debris netting popular for use in the construction industry. Scaffnet is fully recyclable.

4) Sustainable Surface Protectors – Proplex

Proplex plastic sheets are ideal surface and floor protectors. Proplex is manufactured from recyclable materials and it is reusable.

5) Sustainable Timber, Stone & Screed Protection – Profloor

Profloor is a biodegradeable material for protecting timber, stone and screed.

As a leading supplier of temporary protection materials to the construction industry and tradesmen, Protec International Ltd understands that making efforts to improve our entire sustainability program is essential for our people, planet and profit. Read more about our sustainability here.

Construction Industry Sustainability
Protec supplies sustainable temporary protection materials to the construction industry


THE No. 1 Premier League Fantasy competition for you to get involved in now.

What is Scoreline?

With hundreds of competitors already battling it out each week for the top spots on the Scoreline leadership board, Scoreline is a competition for football fans to predict football results for the chance to win fantastic prizes. Protec is going to give away £1000 spending money and an overnight city break to Scorelines Manager of the Season so that they can have an ultimate footballer/ footballers wife experience.If you don’t win first place, however, the top 4 runners up will get prizes such as Stadium tours and Amazon Vouchers.

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What Next? 

Why not get involved – in our opinion the best fantasy football competition we’ve made! And don’t forget to follow @scorelineinfo, our twitter feed dedicated to the latest scores from the Premier League, football  and scoreline winners. If you’ve won any of the prizes, it would be great to hear what your spending your vouchers on so far!

Good Luck from Everyone At Protec!

Protec International Ltd is dedicated to providing a more sustainable supply chain. From working with the construction, trades and DIY industry for more than 20 years, Protec International Ltd has sought innovative solutions to develop supply chain sustainability.

Challenges in the Construction Industry

  • The global construction industry is forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025 which means that Britain will need to maintain our competitive edge in construction by innovating.
  • 10% of the UK emissions are assosiated with the manufacturing and transport of construction matierlas and the construction process.
  • The UK’s Construction industry uses more than 4 million tonnes of waste materials every year. Waste management is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to supply chain sustainability in the construction industry.

How can Britain maintain our competitive edge in the construction industry? The answer is Sustainability.

Definition of Sustainability

Sustainability is the process of managing and improving environmental, social and economic performance by conserving resources, optimizing processes, increasing productivity, innovating and promoting corporate values. The three key areas of sustainability; planet, people and profit are visually represented below.

Supply Chain School

Protec International Ltd joined the Supply Chain School in June 2012 to learn more about implementing sustainability into business practices. The school was founded by Skanska and further developed with industry leaders such as Kier, Morgan Sindall, Carillion, Wilmott Dixon and Aggregate industries to encourage suppliers to develop better sustainability practices and gain better knowledge about client’s requirements and industry compliance. The Supply Chain School involves collaboration between individuals and organisations to learn about, share ideas and practices to improve sustainability.

Protec’s Sustainability History 

Protec International Ltd is the UK and Europe’s market leading innovative supplier of Temporary Protection Materials.  Independently owned, and established for over 20 years Protec International Ltd has unrivalled experience in construction, building and renovation protection. Many of the leading main contractors and house builders have chosen Protec International Ltd as their preferred partners due to their unrivalled product range. Quality and environmental management are audited and accredited by the BRE to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards respectively. Protec International Ltd have also taken the lead in environmental, ethical and sustainable issues.

Protec International Ltd is a leading supplier of temporary protection materials to the construction industry. From scaffolding protection to floor protection, key construction leaders have been using Protecs temporary protection materials for more than 20 years.

Protec International Ltd achieved the environmental certification ISO 14001 in November 2011. The ISO 14001 is a British Standard related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment and is obtained by less than one per cent of organisations in the UK. Protec International Ltd has since sought new ways to achieve sustainability not only through environmental impact, but also through social and economic strategies.

Working towards sustainability is an ongoing journey and Protec International Ltd is continuously implementing innovative business strategies to improve supply chain sustainability. By regularly reviewing and assessing suppliers, practices and packaging materials, such as reusable pallets and recyclable packaging, Protec International Ltd is committed to achieving the prestigious BS8903 sometime in the future.

The infographic below defines what sustainability is, key facts on what sustainability is, a case study about sustainability and examples of sustainable business practices:

This infographic was created by Protec International Ltd.

To embed this infographic on your own website or blog, please use the following Html:

<p> <a href=””><img src=”” height=”3568″ width=”548″ alt=” Supply Chain sustainability is all about managing environmental, social and economic performance. Share this to encourage supply chain sustainability ” /> </a> </p> <p>This infographic was created by Protec International</p>

Sustainable supply chain management
Sustainable supply chain management requires planet, people and profit

href=” “>Protec International Ltd</a>. Click on the image above to find out more about this infographic and its origins</p>

Painting a Room - Tips & Tricks
Home Painting ideas


Paint is an incredible compound mixture of resin, pigment, solvents and additives. Not only can we get it in any colour, from neutral to fluorescent, we can also choose from textures and effects, such as chalk, glow in the dark and magnetic paints. So, it is hardly surprising that when you’re ready to get painting on a new project, you’re too excited to take the precautionary measures needed to ensure the finish is flawless.

These five tips & tricks are something to consider before starting painting:

1)      Choose a high quality floor protector so that it will be easily laid down and easily removed.  We’d recommend using CarpetShield to protect not only the carpet but also up to the edges of the wall. Carpetshield is easily unravelled (reverse wound) so you only need to kick it across the floor, but make sure you have gone right up to the skirting board. It uses a low-tack residue, so it won’t make a mess when you remove it.

2)      Second, clean the wall with a cloth and soapy water. This will remove any dirt from ruining a smooth finish on the wall.

3)      Once the floor is prepared and you have a clean surface to paint on, apply a masking tape to areas such as skirting boards to make sure no paint splashes onto it. This one is a perfect ultra-low tack masking tape for high-gloss surfaces.

4)      Next, you should be ready to start painting. Use a Paint Shield or DIY your own out of card to stop any of the flecks of paint from ruining your finish.

5)      Take a picture & upload your finished project onto our Facebook page. We’d love to see your finished project!

1) Houzz

If you are planning a new bathroom, Houzz is great for looking at other beautiful bathrooms for inspriation. Their app & website makes it quick and easy to get loads of bathroom ideas. Don’t forget if you are redecorating your bathroom, to use some of Protec’s Bathroom protectors.

2) Air BNB:

Although Air BNB is great for finding quirky bargain-stays to luxurious villas, you can also get a huge range of great home improvement ideas. Whether you’re interested in browsing a selection of Scandinavian-style Kitchens or thinking of putting in some Japanese sliding doors, you can check out real-life homes from pretty much any country in the world with Air BNB.  If you get the chance, we’ve found Portuguese bathrooms are a real treasure.

3) Youtube

From videos on how to remodel your bathroom to whether you should use a dust sheet or a floor protector, Youtube can answer any questions you have to do with home improvement. Why not check out Protec’s Youtube channel and let us know if there is anything you need answering not on there?

4) StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon lets you browse loads of websites which can not be easily found by search engines. If you set up an account, then set up “interior decorating” as one of your interests, you are bound to find loads of inspiring home improvement ideas.

5) Piccsy

Piccsy is an image site and lets you browse lots of different images for home improvement ideas.

6) Pinterest:

Pinterest lets you create a board of “pins” of a wide assortment of images so that you can create a board for whatever interests you the most.

7) Martha’s Blog:

The “Martha Blog”  is a fantastic collection of home ideas.

8) Ikea:

If you like contemporary Swedish design, Ikeas website if full of new ideas.

9) Got a Tablet / Smartphone ? Try FlipBoard!

Flipboard is an amazing mobile app which helps you to manage all of your favourite things in one place.

10) Channel 4’s Scrap booking:

Get some fantastic home ideas from places such as Sarah Beeny’s home improvement show so that you can get together a scrapbook of ideas.

So, here we have a list of our Ten of favourite places to get DIY / home improvement design ideas. If you’re attempting any of these, make sure you protect everything you don’t want to get ruined in the process. Protec’s range of temporary protection materials are affordable, most are recyclable and are the correct way to protect from damage, so if you are planning a home improvement project, make sure you check out our full range of products from floor protectors to bathrooms protectors.

Where do you get your DIY ideas? Let us know on Facebook as we would love to find out more from you or come back next week for our list of our favourite 5 bloggers to get home remodelling advice.

If you are planning a new kitchen, you should probably read Which?’s fantastic guide to get a good idea of what you need to know. However, one thing they don’t cover is temporary protection materials.

New kitchen and bathroom installations can be very costly. An architect was referred to Protec because he had a brand new beautiful, pristine bathroom installed, but dropped the shower tray on the new tiles, creating a huge dent in the new tiles. After having to take everything out, which was both costly and time-consuming, he needed to get everything installed again. That’s where we came in. Protec’s range of temporary protection materials ensured nothing else got damaged. This checklist of 8 items is perfect for making sure you have everything covered when you get a new kitchen or bathroom installed.

1) Cabinets – Protect your cabinets with Protective films or a heavier duty self-adhesive bubblewrap.

2) Appliances – Protect your dishwasher, washing machine and cooker when you get any work done on your kitchen with the purpose designed Hob and Oven protector. It saves time, and if you are a kitchen installer, can be reused for your next project or recycled.

3) Worktops  Prevent accidental damage from trades with Proplex, a highly durable material which has many applications. 

4) Sinks – Protect sinks from damage during building, construction and refurbishment projects with Protec Flame Retardant Sink ProtectorsProtec Flame Retardant Sink Protectors are inexpensive, re-usable and simple to install.

5) Bidets - Don’t forget to protect your Bidet! Protec’s Bidet Protectors provide an inexpensive and re-usable method of temporary bidet protection. They are purpose made to provide complete protection caused by damage or debris during construction and refurbishment projects. Bidet Protectors are custom-manufactured from heavy duty corrugated plastic sheets. This provides excellent resistance to spillage, compression or impact. Pre-creased, with lockable tabs, the Bidet Protectors are simple to assemble and install on site.

6) Bath - Protect flame retardant Bath Protectors are used to effectively protect baths from damage during building, construction and refurbishment projects. Unlike more traditional methods of bathroom protection such as ‘boxing in’, Protec’s flame retardant Bath Protectors are inexpensive, re-usable, easy assembly and simple to install. These specially designed FR Bath Protectors are constructed from heavy duty twin-wall plastic sheets to create a rigid, compression and impact resistant board. They are pre-creased with lockable tabs for quick and easy assembly and fitting.

7) Temporary Floor ProtectionBreathershield is the perfect multi-purpose floor protector which is breathable, for example, if you have a newly tiled floor the floor can continue to cure whilst you work over the top. This will speed up your bathroom installation and with over 100m of it, you can use it for many projects.

8) Door Frame Protectors – Don’t underestimate the power of these simple, foam door jamb protectors. They’ll protect your doorframes from even the most heavy objects.

Thought of anything else we need for bathroom or kitchen temporary protection? Why not leave us a message or contact us for more information!


Temporary Kitchen Protection
Beautiful New Kitchens Need Temporary Protection Materials

Control dust on construction sites You are probably already aware that dust from power tools, sanding and dry sweeping causes all sorts of lung diseases, from lung cancers to silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders to asthma. Around 1.8 million construction workers are regularly exposed to dust, which means that they are one of the most at-risk groups of these sorts of diseases. Therefore, protecting construction workers from dust should be at the forefront of project managers minds. What is the best way to protect those who are living in a premise whilst construction is taking place? The HSE recommends:

  • Less cutting, instead choose products which are already at the size you need
  • Using less powerful tools
  • Consider different methods of work  e.g. use a nail gun instead of drilling holes first
  • Hire or Purchase a Dust extraction Vacuum

Protec has also found that dust can be contained and easily cleared by using a ZipWall Barrier. Combined with Polythene Sheeting, the ZipWall Barrier Kit  restricts the spread of airborne dust which means that tidying up is easier and construction employees are exposed for lower levels of time.The HSE provides more detailed information. Is construction dust a concern to you? Let us know on LinkedIn or Facebook.

ZipPole Dust Barrier Protector
Dust Barrier Protection