International Construction Companies are reaching new heights, but here’s a more local construction challenge:

A Chinese Firm, Broad Sustainable Buildings, is trying to build the world’s tallest building in record time. Currently, the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands at 828 m. However, the Burj Khalifa took more than 5 years to complete. Broad Sustainable Buildings is planning on making an energy efficient skyscraper made from prefabricated modules in under 90 days.

Tallest Building in the World -
Tallest Building in the World -

Does this sort of challenge inspire you?  If it does or you know of someone else who may be interested in construction projects of its kind, it may be worth attending the Open Doors Weekend which will be taking place all over the UK from the 6th -7th March 2015. The scheme aims to provide 11-24 year olds an opportunity to see what it is like to work in construction.

Open Doors weekend has been organised by the UK contractors Group, the Scottish Contractors Group, the Industry Training Board and Sector Skills Council, CITB, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The aim of the weekend is to raise awareness of the broad variety of roles available in the construction industry in an effort to combat the imminent skills shortage in the UK for construction related roles. The construction sector is forecast to grow by 23% by 2018 which means that there needs to be a significant increase in the number of skilled workforce who can supply the demand. In fact, it is predicted that up to 27,000 construction projects could be at risk of not being able to be completed by 2019 because of the skills shortage.

Are you or do you know someone who may be interested in a career in the construction industry? Why not find the nearest site to you and book your place for an exciting opportunity to explore the diverse and dynamic world of construction. Or, if you like this article, why not share your views by tweeting us on Twitter or posting on our LinkedIn page.


Polythene Sheeting.

Polythene, also known as polyethylene sheeting, is a plastic which can be used for many industrial building or home DIY projects. Whether you need a material for lining a pond, covering building joinery, lining a shed or screening off a specific area to protect others from dust, Protec’s Polythene Sheeting will satisfy the majority requirements of temporary screening and temporary covering applications. With a versatile range of polythene suited to many different projects, it can make it impossible to choose the best protective sheeting for your project.

What is more, before choosing which polythene sheet, you may want to consider whether you need it to be Flame Retardant. Protec supplies one of the largest ranges of LPCB approved materials. Flame Retardant polythene sheeting can be important if there is a potential fire hazard on your project. To help you to identify the approved Flame Retardant products, you will see the LPS 1207, LPS 1215 or Certifire approved logos which means that our Flame Retardant polythene sheeting is approved to industry recognised Loss Prevention Standards. For more information, please see our Flame Retardant information page.

The guide below has been created to help you to choose the best Polythene Sheeting for your project:

Which Polythene Sheet for My Project?

Light Duty Plastic Sheeting


Light duty plastic sheets are ideal for draping over objects as a dust cover, for wrapping items or for protecting items in transit. Light duty plastic sheets are a lightweight and flexible material which makes it perfect for draping over objects.

Recommended Products:

Medium Duty Plastic Sheeting:


Medium duty plastic sheeting can be used for protecting furniture in transit, protecting floors, walls and carpets from spills and sprays. Medium duty plastic sheeting is ideal for home based or industrial applications.  Protec normally recommends using medium duty plastic sheeting for use with the ZipWall.

Recommended Products:

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting:


Heavy duty plastic sheeting delivers outstanding strength. It can be used as a damp proof membrane, for mixing cement, temporary roofing and rain protection. If you are a gardener, Protec’s 1000 Gauage Polythene Sheeting can be used for lining ponds, hanging baskets or covering soil.

Recommended Products:

Proscaff Hi-Vis Protector Tubes
Temporary protection materials used to improve Construction Site Safety

Temporary Protection Materials Contribution of Construction Site Safety

The progression of Health & Safety practices in recent years has seen a huge reduction in the number of accidents and mortalities on construction sites. Through increased awareness and improved working practices, the standard of health and safety has improved across most aspects of construction work in areas such as personnel, PPE, tools and equipment.

Protec supplies a wide range of temporary protection materials to improve safety to staff and members of the public. The following products are the main ones used to prevent injuries on construction sites:

1) Anti-Slip Ground Protection - We all know areas around construction sites quickly become muddy and slippery from either foot traffic or vehicles. Protec supplies Tracktile, an anti slip ground protector which prevents slips, trips and falls around muddy and slippery areas on construction sites.

2) Trip Prevention inside construction sites – There is often lots of staff and lots of movement on construction sites. Hardboard flooring can be used, but it can be dangerous as it does not prevent trips if it gets wet and muddy. Protec supplies TK200 and Carpetshield FR which have an embossed anti slip surface to prevent tripping up either on corners or mud. What is more, Protec’s Rigid Treads and Anti Slip Tape can be used for extra slip resistance.

3) Hazard Awareness – Barrier Tape, Hazard Tape and Zip Wall Caution Reel are high visibility so they can be used to raise awareness danger or partition off hazardous areas to either staff or members of the public. What is more, products such as the Hi Vis Proscaff Protector not only cushion impact of someone accidentally walking into a scaffold pole but also raise awareness as they are Hi Visibility yellow.

4) FallsPrevention – In the context of temporary protection, Protec are extremely proud of the Zipwall system that we supply. In conventional screening applications ladders and scaffolds may be required to erect screens thus contributing to the risk of falls however the Zipwall screening system is erected from the ground with no need for work at height at all. Furthermore Zipwalls contribution to dust containment provides a healthier working environment for those outside of the screened area.

5) Fire Prevention - Protec supplies Flame Retardant Construction Site Protection. Many of Protec’s temporary protection materials  are flame retardant and comply to the Joint Code of Practice’s Loss Prevention Certification LPS1202. LPS1207 is the Flame Retardant standard for temporary protection materials and was developed by insurers and other interested stakeholders in the construction industry to remove potentially hazardous non flame retardant protection for both health and safety and financial reasons. LPS1207 certificated products are tested to ensure that in addition to being flame retardant they self extinguish, do not emit toxic smoke, do not produce flaming droplets and most importantly do not spread fire. Non flame retardant products on the other hand could be quite the opposite and may contribute to the spread of fire in addition to producing harmful fumes. All of the Flame Retardant products at Protec are printed with the relevant LPCB certification details and are backed up by a copy of the certificate if required. The use of Flame Retardant protection materials has increased in recent years through specification by clients and insurers alike which is beneficial on both health and safety grounds and also in terms of insurance and reputation of your company.

Please Be Aware: It is unfortunate that whilst many companies are using legitimate certificated protection materials from Protec that there are less scrupulous protection companies that supply non flame retardant protection under the guise of “Tested to LPS1207” which is not actually a certificated product. If you are in doubt about the Flame Retardant protection that you’re using or looking to use you should always ask for a copy of the LPS1207 certificate which should be unique to the product.

If you would like more information about how the use of temporary protection materials can improve your construction site saftey, please contact Protec on 0800 834 704 or tweet @Protec_uk.

Proplex Flame Retardant RollPrevent brickwork damage with Hessian Fabric.

Hessian fabric is one product you can use to prevent frost damage to brick when before it starts to snow or get very frosty.

An unattended is potentially more susceptible to damage from the weather and whereas in the normal working week any damage such as leaks and breakages would be quickly identified and repaired, over Christmas there is a greater chance that damages will be left unchecked and unnoticed until discovered when the site reopens.

Scaffold SheetingYou’ve worked hard all year on your site the last thing you want to have to do when you come back from a relaxing Christmas holiday is to have to re-do work that you completed in November.

A wide variety of protection materials from Protec can be used to help sites protect their works whilst the site is unattended over Christmas. Some specific products and applications are as follows:

  • Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting – For scaffold cladding, hoarding and protecting windows and openings into buildings from the wind, rain and snow. (Don’t forget you Elasticated Scaffold Ties and Cable Ties)
  • Temporary Downpipe – For use in directing rain water away from foundations and towards an appropriate drainage point.
  • Hessian – To prevent frost damage to Bricks and Brick work.
  • Floor Protection – To protect those finished floors from wet boots and any unforeseen leaks.
  • Tarpaulin and Barrier Sheeting – To protect building materials and exposed areas of the build.
  • Tapes – A variety of different tack adhesive tapes in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm to ensure that protection material stays securely stuck down.

Protect your site and ensure that it is in the same condition in January as when you left it in December.

DIY Barrier Sheet Chicken Coop still providing strong protection

After an incredibly blustery week, with gale force winds reaching up to 113 miles per hour in Scotland, Protec is incredibly pleased that our protective sheeting used to make a hen coop is still providing effective weather protection for Mrs. Frasers Chickens.

Mrs. Fraser said “your superb protective sheeting is withstanding gale force eight winds, so that’s a real tribute. And the hens to appreciate it, I can assure you!” Mrs. Fraser’s nine Columbian Blacktail chickens called Siouxsie and the Banshees have now been protected for more than a month from stormy and freezing weather conditions.

The hen coop uses Protec’s Barrier Sheet, 3mm translucent Proplex sheets and cable ties to secure the shelter. Protec’s Barrier Sheet is waterproof, wind resistant and durable. Protec’s 3mm Proplex sheets are translucent, so they let the light through which gives the chickens the natural sunlight exposure they need in order to lay well throughout the winter. To see our former article on the materials used to protect the hens from the cold weather, please see here.

Mrs. Frasers chickens are kept in St. Thomas Allotments in Exeter which can be found here . St. Thomas Allotments are also currently requesting funding for a community project with Galaxy Hot Chocolate who will be giving away £300 to whoever gets the most votes. If St. Thomas Allotments wins the award, they are aiming to spend the money on a community workshop whereby they demonstrate hen keeping, sowing seeds, planting and harvesting potatoes. Please support them by voting for them here.

We now have even more images of the protected hens in their coop:




Solid Hen Coop with Protec's Plastic Sheets
Chickens kept warm and dry in their Protec Makeshift hutch – Proplex sheets, barrier sheets and cable ties
Proplex translucent material for hen coops
Translucent hen coop providing warmth, protection and sunlight
The Hen Pen Protected with Proplex plastic sheets
Hen Pen protected with Proplex corrugated plastic sheeting
Light and airy hen pen
Despite the wind, the hens could enjoy a ventilated, bright and clean coop, without ruffling their feathers
Chicken Run
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Barrier Sheet for Temporary Chicken Hutch Roof
Happy hens in their pen thanks to the DIY Proplex & Barrier sheet roof from Protec

Bright and airy chicken run


If you like this article, why not read more about lining a pond with Protec’s DPM 1000 Gauge Polythene, using Protec’s Polythene to protect peaches from peach leaf curl disease or read about how scaffnet can protect plants from being eaten.

Grass is normally ruined after a festival or lawn protection mats are thrown away. However, Protec’s Tracktile are reusable beer festival, party  or outdoor grass protection mesh mats.These grass protection tiles are ideal for temporary outdoor car parks, in bars or as alternative rubber gym flooring. Tracktile are interlocking tiles which allow water to pass through them and provide excellent grip to prevent slips and trips.

It is a common enquiry at Protec to supply suitable temporary floor protection for a lot of  different events too. It isn’t the simplest solution as there can often be spillages and subsequent wet floors, particularly behind the bar where staff are working and pulling pints. Due to this it is vital that a degree of anti-slip is present on the material. A common product we provide is Tekgard TK200 Polythene Sheeting which is embossed for anti-slip protection and comes on a 1.6m x 62.5m roll for easily covering large areas. This should prove suitable in the majority of cases, however if you are aware that there is going to be a considerable amount of foot traffic then sometimes a heavier duty material is needed. For these cases then we would recommend Promesh which is an interwoven fabric on a 2m x 50m roll and is sufficiently heavy duty for even the busiest of foot traffic.

Protec also supplies Carpet Protectors which are the ultimate Party Floor Coverings!

For any enquiries on the best temporary protection for your event please give us a call on 0800 834 704 and our team can give you some tailor-made advice.

Spray on, Peel off Protective Plastic Coating for Windows and Window Frames

The term “like a construction site” isn’t normally used as a compliment! In fact the truth is, a construction site is a dusty and dirty environment where accidental damage happens unless you have proper protection.

One of the most common, and annoying, areas of accidental damage is what can happen to on-site windows and frames which are often costly to clean, repair or replace. In particular splashes from rendering adjacent brickwork can be a persistent problem. What is even more frustrating for the site foreman or building contractor is that normally the damage can be avoided with simple forethought!

Specially developed to protect windows during construction, PeelGard® from Protec is a weather resistant spray-on or roller applied coating which, when dry, forms a skin-tight plastic film over the window and frame. Once construction is complete this coating is simply peeled away to leave the original surface looking and feeling like new.

Unlike inferior imitations, PeelGard®:

  1. Is simple & quick to install;
  2. Can be applied at any time during construction;
  3. Prevents damage for up to 6 months;
  4. Has full weather resistant coating;
  5. Leaves no residue or need to cleaning after removal;
  6. Is produced by a ISO 9001 manufacturer.

Find out more about PeelGard® from Protec

 Keep your chickens warm this winter with Protec’s Barrier Sheet

Chickens can get cold and muddy in the freezing winter weather. So, how can you keep your hens dry, warm and healthy this winter?


Prevent your pets from getting too cold in winter with DIY roofing
Temporary Roofing with Protec’s Barrier Sheet


Christine from Exeter, who own a brood of hens, contacted Edit Fillingham, Key Account Manager at Protec, for advice on how she could DIY a robust shelter to put over the hens’ coop to protect them from the wind and the rain. The roofing system materials needed to keep her chickens dry, warm and still let light through so that they continue to lay throughout winter.

Edit recommended Protec’s protective Barrier Sheet, 3mm translucent Proplex Sheets and cable ties to secure the shelter. Protec’s barrier sheet is waterproof, wind resistant and durable which makes is ideal for placing as a temporary roofing solution when you need to protect pets.

Christine has been very happy with the results “It lets the light in, so the hens continue to lay well. It is mightily robust: we’ve had gales and still it holds well with just cable ties and some additional ropes to help. Being so snug and – above all – dry, has helped keep the chickens in good health which also means clean eggs.”

Keep your chickens warm this winter
Keep your chickens warm this winter with a Barrier Sheet from Protec


Use Proplex sheets to DIY your own wind barrier to keep your chickens warm this winter
Add some Proplex sheets to your chicken run to keep them warm and protected from the wind. Make sure they still have ventilation into the coop though.
Happy hens in their run.
Happy hens in their run
Keep Chickens warm in winter - how to stop Chickens from getting cold
The roofing protects the chickens from the bad weather so that they are kept warm.
Bright, warm and ventilated DIY Chicken run roofing
Inside the chicken coop there is no mud, so the eggs are kept clean





























If you have birds such as chickens, turkeys or ducks and need help keeping them warm or creating a temporary wind
barrier, please contact Protec or ask us a question on our Facebook / Twitter page.

Hardboard Sheets Versus Proplex

Hardboard is a high-density engineered wood material traditionally popular for temporary protection in the construction industry and is also popular with trades. Hardboard was initially viewed as an alternative to plywood as it had the benefit of being more cost effective. There is no denying that hardboard is a cheap way to cover floors. However, there is a better floor protection alternative to both hardboard and plywood…

Proplex Sheets - The Super Protectors
Proplex: the Super Plastic Protector

As far back as 1993 when Protec was founded, customers were contacting us as they were fed up with using hardboard sheets to protect flooring; they found hardboard sheets were heavy, difficult to cut and would warp before the end of the project.

Protec sought to provide customers with a lightweight, easy to cut alternative to hardboard which would not warp, even when the product was used on large scale commercial projects.

Proplex is now one of Protec’s best-selling products. Proplex is a heavy duty corrugated plastic sheet manufactured from polypropylene.  Protec has now provided millions of meters squared of Proplex to the construction, trades and domestic markets.

Why are Proplex Protection Sheets and Rolls so popular? The main benefits of using Proplex as your Temporary Floor Protection:

1)      Quick to Apply: Proplex floor protection sheets are extremely lightweight which means that Proplex is easy to apply, move around and remove after you have finished. It also means that Proplex is easier to transport and store both before and after usage.

2)      Cost effective: On Protec’s online site, Proplex 2mm plastic sheets cost from £1.20 per metre squared which is better value per squared metre than Wickes General Purpose Hardboard. However, for the best temporary construction rates create your very own corporate / trade account.

3)      Reusable and Recyclable: With procurement in the construction industry becoming increasingly more focused on sustainability, the Proplex range can assist you with reducing your projects environmental impact and help you to achieve BREEAM targets.

4)      Flame Retardant: The introduction of the Joint Code of Practice on the protection from fire on construction sites states that failure to use flame retardant temporary protection materials on contracts exceeding the value of £2.5 million may lead to uninsured losses. Unlike hardboard and other timber board products, Proplex is fully certified to the Loss Prevention Standard, LPS 1207, the logo can be found printed on our Proplex Sheets shown here.

5)      Waterproof Floor Protection: Proplex sheets, unlike Hardboard sheets, can be used outdoors as it is completely waterproof. Proplex will also prevent indoor flooring from becoming damaged if there is a leak.

Proplex is available in a range of grades, from 2m to 5mm extra heavy duty sheets. Proplex is also available in both black and white. The black Proplex sheets are manufactured using high grade recycled polypropylene.

Still not convinced that you would ever stop using hardboard sheets for your building and construction projects? Why not call us to request a sample of Proplex. Or, if you have used Proplex before, why not leave us a review on our Proplex product pages.

If you are convinced you will start using Proplex sheets, why not help us spread the word about the amazing benefits of using Proplex instead of hardboard sheets by sharing this article with your colleagues.


1)   Sustainable Grass Protection Mesh with Track Tile.

Tracktile, a heavy duty ground protector which is not only reusable, it is also made from 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable when you have finished with it. Tracktile is perfect for using as a temporary car park, at festivals to protect grassoutdoor usage as the holes allow for the product to be fixed to the ground. It offers anti-slip traction and will deliver long-lasting, extremely heavy-duty protection.

2) Sustainable Ground Protection Mats with RhinoTile

RhinoTile is also reusable, made from 100% recycled content and it is recyclable. RhinoTile can be used as a ground or floor protector, similar to Tracktile but it comes in a jigsaw shape for quick application and removal. Rhino Tile can be used for festival grass protection, temporary car parks or for protecting floors from heavy machinery.

3) Sustainable Debris Netting – Scaffnet

Scaffnet is flame retardant debris netting popular for use in the construction industry. Scaffnet is fully recyclable.

4) Sustainable Surface Protectors – Proplex

Proplex plastic sheets are ideal surface and floor protectors. Proplex is manufactured from recyclable materials and it is reusable.

5) Sustainable Timber, Stone & Screed Protection – Profloor

Profloor is a biodegradeable material for protecting timber, stone and screed.

As a leading supplier of temporary protection materials to the construction industry and tradesmen, Protec International Ltd understands that making efforts to improve our entire sustainability program is essential for our people, planet and profit. Read more about our sustainability here.

Construction Industry Sustainability
Protec supplies sustainable temporary protection materials to the construction industry